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Friday, January 23, 2015

Hard to keep track of time.

What day is it today? Hard to keep track when you don’t have anything specific to do. Some mornings I have to check the computer to make sure of the day and date. So it is Friday already? Wow!
Bill is feeling so much better already. Glad we went to doctor when we did. You forget how great feeling good is until you aren’t. Yesterday he felt somewhat better so we went out to breakfast. Then had a good dinner [I cooked] of salmon, au gratin potatoes and mixed vegetables last night.
Here is a picture of two of the zillions of orange butterflies that are invading the campground. Like flower petals blowing around.
By afternoon he felt like taking a ride – just to get out of here. So we went up the Malecón again. Got a few more pictures of the decorations for Carnaval. But the sun was behind them so not as good as I hoped. They are so colorful. ( a repeat of this years Carnaval theme and meaning - The theme this year is “The Dreams of Momo”    Momo in Greek Mythology is the personification of sarcasm, the ridicules and the ironic sharpness. Also the God of writers and poets.) No talking about the decorations – just pictures.

From there we took Ron and Janet to the artists workshop to see how the work on their car was coming. Found the shop without any problems and here is what has been done so far. too bad part of it was in the shadow. 
The painters work bench.
His work is absolutely magnificent – Bill keeps looking at Willie and drooling with thoughts of having something done and removing the decals. … Trying to find his facebook page.

Spent rest of day at home. Weather is staying cool – but it is muggy so feels warmer.