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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Doing Errands can be Fun - Colonias Part 2

Another gray and cloudy day here in Mazatlan – the sun keeps trying to peek out but the clouds quickly close over it. Just so it stays cool! It got really cool yesterday afternoon and evening.
Yesterday was a do errands kind of day. A trip to WalMart where we stopped to watch some workers repainting the yellow lines in front of the store – with 1 inch paint brushes! They’d blocked off the area with shopping carts. What ever works I guess.
Then we picked up our laundry and took a trip to the Centro Historico where Bill picked up his watch that he’d left off last week to have the battery replaced. US$3. With that done we headed to the printer shop where we have ordered new cards.
The cards weren’t ready. Their printing machine had broken down, the owner of the shop is in Europe and they don’t know when it will be fixed. So Bill asked them if there was another print shop in the area. Yes, but try as they might they couldn’t get us to understand where it was. So they said they would go there and get the cards printed and they’d have them ready tomorrow (today). Okay.
I’ve really needed a hair cut for a while and keep missing the barber that comes to the campground so when we passed the barber shop next door to the printers I went in. The door to the shop. You could not park a full sized pickup in the whole shop – it wouldn’t fit.
Me in the barber chair. Notice the ceiling. The building is over 100 years old. The barber has had his shop there for 47 years. He says he has cut the hair of all the mayors and lots of visiting movie stars – Rock Hudson for one. Again quite a bit of discussion about Yes, I really wanted it short all over.
Bill waiting patiently for me. The shop is right across the street from the Municipal Building. See the books on the chair – they are Readers Digest Condensed books in Spanish from the late 1990s. While I was getting my hair cut an older man stopped by sat down in the other chair and looked through them. He bought two! That’s a TV on the wall and a blue sink on the side.
More discussion between Bill and the barber. He was asking if I wanted my neck shaved with a razor. Bill asked me I said okay – not realizing he meant a straight razor! He showed Bill he was using a new razor blade – broke it in two and put one part in his straight razor. I think I rolled my eyes about then. So here he is shaving my neck. Shaving cream and every thing. Even astringent after he finished. 
I about scared him to death though. While he had the razor to my neck Bill handed me back the camera and it slipped out of my hand so I jumped to grab it. With the razor to my neck! I don’t know what the barber said but could tell he was really, really excited and not happy with me moving.
After the hair cut we went to buy some Gorditas but the little store was out – they’ll have them tomorrow (today). So we’ll stop in again.
On to the Plazuela Machado where they have almost finished the landscaping work. Looks very pretty now.
Also saw the first advertisements for Carnaval. The theme this year is “The Dreams of Momo”    Momo in Greek Mythology is the personification of sarcasm, the ridicules and the ironic sharpness. Also the God of writers and poets. Carnaval is from February 12 to 14th. Decorations are starting to go up and some of the building of viewing stands, stages and beer stores is starting. Still a lot to do though.
Passed this guy on his three wheeled bike/pickup truck. He was carrying lots of construction stuff. That is a long board sticking out the front.
There was a big cruise ship in and the streets were packed with tourist vans and taxis. And the ever present busses.
On the way home we stopped at Panama – a nice restaurant for lunch. I had Chabela to drink. The drink is made from dried jicama flowers and is bright red. This drink also had diced cantaloupe and watermelon in it. Drink and desert all in one. Very good.
Bill had a huge salad the bowl was at least 6 inches deep
I had Victoria Chicken, chicken with onions, peppers and cheese on it. With potato salad and guacamole.
And then they bring the pastry cart! We didn't have dessert but we did buy a whole small cake!
Home after that – it was getting pretty cool out. Thought we might get rain but didn’t.
And back to Monday with Paquis – again the map. We stopped for lunch at the airport #4 for lunch at…Carl’s Junior – oh my! 
Then on to #5 El Basuron a small colonia just east of the Libre 15, getting closer to the center of Mazatlan. I love the way the trees are trimmed.
Into the colonia over a tope. A new home getting built. Built of bricks then pastered and painted. 
 Another large gathering. Mostly women again. 
 Some of the people. Usually the older ladies are given chairs. I hate it when they offer me one
Ah she has her blanket! 
On the road again to # - well the map says 7 but really it was sixth. Valles del Ejido - starting to get dark by then. 
 A mural on the building next to the meeting area. 
 This was a sit down meeting - with a light dinner served. 
 And a big cake for dessert. 
Here blankets weren't given out. Instead there were shoes of every kind - from tennis to high heeled boots. Paquis called out the size and the women raised their hands. Lots of laughter and fun. All were brand new items.
 Also a variety of blouses - again by size. 
Lots of fun had by all. A long day for everyone. And we got lost trying to get back to the main highway. Finally made it though. Sometimes the GPS isn't really a big help!


  1. I can't believe that tangle of wires in the photo "starting to get dark." It would be a nightmare to replace one.

  2. And that is nothing - usually it is triple that many! Like a bowl of spaghetti

  3. I had my hair cut at the Gran Plaza several times last year. And yes, I hate being offered a chair!