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Monday, January 26, 2015

Just wandering around Mazatlan

Back a couple of days again. Weather has been weird – actually rained last night. Not real hard but enough to make mess of the vehicles. Speaking of vehicles this is the whole car the toad got painted on.
Have gone out to breakfast a couple of times – gets us off to a good start for the day. After eating we went to the actual Golden Zone down by the water, parked and walked around. We went into the big store that sells shells to show Ron and Janet the amazing fountain on the second floor there. It is entirely made of shells. Can only show bits and pieces of it – all kinds of shells and nothing but shells.
A closer look at a couple of small parts of it.

These wall hangings are made entirely of little different colored strung shells.
Here you can make out the different shells. What a job!
Looking across the street where the sidewalks are getting their new paint. Guess the painters were at lunch.
Then we walked down the walkway to Ponchos on the beach. Just the front of one of the stores there. I like all the colorful tile work.
Neat dolls in one of the stores – all in different Mexican dress.
And these dolls – I’d like to buy dozens of them just for the colors.
After leaving the Golden Zone we drove to Centro Historico and parked in the parking lot with all the neat graffiti in it. Just one of the paintings.
We  were hungry and it was late enough that the El Presidio restaurant was open. We walked down to check it out. It had just opened and the staff was in a meeting but we checked out the menu – very expensive and lots of “gourmet” items on it that none of us wanted. But we walked around anyway – me with my trusty camera. Some pictures of the interior. Interior walls – no ceiling.

This is the ceiling of an indoor and very fancy dining room.
Then we went over to the Plazuela Machado to walk around – there is one of the statues over there –
And all of the planting has finally been finished – looks pretty.
After walking around a bit we settled on a place. La Mona Pizza – owned by same people who own El Presidio and right across the street from it. Very good. 

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