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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Visiting Four Colonias of Mazatlan - Part I

Monday morning we went out to breakfast to another resort on the beach – they only had buffet - even though there was a menu we couldn’t order from it. Neither of us really like buffets – Sorry but I like to waited on when eating out. But the food was good and the scenery prett. Just probably won’t go back.
It was another nice day – not too hot with a slight breeze from the ocean. I feel bad when I look at the temperatures at home – highs of 20!
Our friend Roberto, who works with Paquis, called us and invited us to go along with the group to some of the colonias again so off we went. Here is a map of where we went – started at the RV park and took the new bypass – the red line [more or less] to Villa Union.  Numbers 6 and 7 are out of order.
We met up with one of the group in Villa Union in front of the hardware store - if not for following someone we would have spent the day lost. 
Following to our first stop Flor de Mayo. It was another overcast day and not real hot. 
There is always a soccer field.
As I mentioned our first stop was Flor de Mayo – a little area just south east of Villa Union right next to the 15D. The meeting/get to gether - was right in the street. We knew we were there when we saw a group of people and stacks of warm wool blankets.
 Bill visiting with some of the women waiting to hear what Paquis had to say. Three or four generations there. 
 Most of the people are women and children. Paquis is really working on trying to improving the lives of women here in Mexico. 
 Men come too but they are usually on the outskirts of the crowd. 
 Heading back to the car. Paquis in white shirt and Martha in plaid shirt. By the time we joined up with them they had already been to two other towns in the morning. 
We were now on our way to Santa Fe - another colonia just north of the airport. We know we are getting close to the meeting area when we see people headed that way. See the building on the right - it is a discount store named Bodega Aurrera - owned by Walmart.
Some of the homes with shared walls. This is one of the first times I've seen each home painted two colors, kind of pretty. 
 A unisex hairdresser.
 Some homes across from the park where the meeting was. Satellite TV and a nice agave plant. Almost all windows and doors in Mazatlan and surrounding areas have ornamental iron work on them. There are no screen doors. 
 Here comes Paquis truck with a load of blankets in it. The little girl on the right is in her school uniform.
Newspaper reporter interviewing a little boy in his school uniform. 
TV reporter for MegaCable. They were just talking - no interview. 
 The crowd is getting bigger. 
 Unloading packages of blankets from the truck. Bill is offering to help - NOT. 
 These boys were playing their drum and singing - soon they were surrounded by other children who joined in the singing. 
Getting ready to give the blankets away. Over 2000 blankets were given out total. 
 Intently listening. 

 On their way home they stopped to chat.
And then it was time to leave Santa Fe. We headed south again to the road to the airport. I wondered where we were going. Turns out we went to the airport - to eat lunch and take a much needed potty break.  But more about lunch and the rest of the day later. This is enough for this time. 
Today we had an interesting time too - just doing errands in the central part of town. Expecting some rain tonight 55% chance. Been cloudy and really cool all day. 

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