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Friday, January 9, 2015

Keeping Busy Too busy can't keep blog up!

A RAINY day here in Mazatlan – rained Hard during the night and into morning. Now I see some blue sky but lots of white and gray clouds. If the sun does manage to pop out it will be a pretty humid day! Ugh.
We have done so much lately and I’ve been remiss with the blog so don’t know where really to start to catch up. We have been to Cosala, Malpica, Concordia, La Noria and Puerta de Canoas. To the Malecón and Plazuela Machado a couple times and for ribs a couple of times and several other restaurants we’ve never been too. Wow. And last night was the third time it has rained here at night – though the other times it just dripped.
Our little bird still comes to visit our window every morning. And sometimes in the afternoon. But now he just hangs on to the screen. Bill is having a fit cause of course he is pooping all over the side mirror. Nothing seems to stop him, we've tried ...
Maybe the best thing is to start going backwards. Yesterday. Beautiful sunrise yesterday – I was up well before the sun as the cell phone rang!!! At 5:30 in the a.m. Didn’t get to it in time and it was from a Restricted number. None of our family has the number to that phone so I should have know not to rush to answer it. So here is the sunrise.

No "touching up" what you see is what it was. 
At a decent hour when everyone else was awake we decided to go out to breakfast and shopping in the older mall the Gran Plaza. We went to Sanborn’s restaurant for breakfast. It was late enough that I had breakfast and everyone else had lunch. Then spent some time shopping in the mall – looking for shorts. We forget that it is winter here. Lots of down vests but no shorts.
Spent the afternoon at home. I’m reading an interesting series of  books – the Garden of Allah series by Martin Turnbull. The first book is The Garden on Sunset. It is about three people who came to Hollywood in the mid 1920s and live in the old Garden of Allah hotel. It follows them through the years -the first book ends about 1936/7. I lived near Hollywood in the late 40s early 50s and remember so many of the places they talk about. Very interesting. The three book series can be download at B & N for around $7.
We got asked to donate something for the Chili Cook off raffle that is here in the campground every year. They get a lot of entries of chili and raise lots of money for an orphanage here. So we're donating one of our books. People come from all over town to taste the Chili. Maybe someone else will be interested in getting it. 
Then we went to see the sunset last night. It was okay – but there was not wind so the inlet was very still and great for reflections.

The day before yesterday we went to the Centro Historico with our friends Janet and Ron. Parked in the lot where we can get Willie washed at the same time as we shop. He was so dusty! Then started walking towards the central market but first stopped in the opticians and I ordered another pair of sunglasses. I am very hard on sunglasses. They have my progressive prescription lenses – pick them up Monday. At the market we walked up and down every aisle – and I got another blouse – it is so cute – 
Also got some fruit. Our friends purchased a couple of bags to carry purchases in and a leather belt. By then it was hot so we headed home. Early evening we got a call from our friend Roberto inviting us to a dinner with the congresswoman. She was again honoring the people who work for her in the outlaying towns. Also a celebration for January 6th – King’s Day. Lots of firsts for me at dinner. The first time I’ve had a drink made of dried Jamaica flowers. Very refreshing. Also had empanadas Mexican style with shrimp, potatoes and or fish inside. Also good.
Just some of the people there - the TV was a give away drawing. Paquis is to the left of it. (the pictures are weird as I had to photograph them off my laptop from her facebook page!) Forgot the camera. 
At the end of the meal we had some Rosca de Reyes – a big cake made in a ring with frosting and dried fruit on top. And inside it somewhere is a tiny plastic Baby Jesus. It is an honor to get that piece. The cakes they were huge.
 Everyone got to cut their own piece. 
While I was writing this Bill was making breakfast – a tortilla – Argentine version.  
Now we have to go grocery shopping and probably this afternoon when I'm inside with the AC on hiding from the humidity I'll work on another catch up blog. 


  1. I love all your posts. Especially the ones of the small towns and villages that you visit. Just recently found your blog through Ruth and Kevin. Looks like you are enjoying Mazatlan very much. We were there 20 years ago and had lots of fun.

  2. Right click on the photos on Facebook and you can save the photos to your laptop.