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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Doing nothing but getting things done.

Did almost nothing yesterday. Got up and it was muggy, ick. Never rained, but stayed muggy.
Right now Bill is in the kitchen fixing us breakfast. His first time to fix breakfast since we've been here. I've missed his cooking! It smells so good.
We both at one time or another during the last couple of days walked into the sewing room and looked at the partially assembled sewing cabinet. Then turned around and walked back out. One of these days we need to finish it. 
I've got all of my material in the cubbies the way I want it. And have spaces left for more!
And a couple of days ago we [Bill] hung my quilts and I put up some of the crafty stuff we've collected over the years. They look straight when we were doing it. But...
The white thing on the left is a thread holder. Also have room for more embroidery thread.
Yesterday we did go out to run errands. Needed an old fashioned roller shade for the kitchen window. Just to use at night after dark. During the day I like the unobstructed view of the desert. Also got another small, two shelve, shelving unit for my beading stuff. It will go under my big table. Still want to get some kind of bookcase or something for the “little” room. But haven’t found anything I like. Want something different with a “statement” for there.
I am still sorting beads. The trays on the right are sorted, the ones on the left are a mess. It will take me the rest of my life to finish this. And my new lamp. It works great. 
 One of the necklaces I made - a couple of years ago. 
Got home and watched a soccer game. Barcelona got trounced - 4 to 1 - by a team they should have beaten. Bill said they looked like they were all too tired to play. 
Have to eat my breakfast before it gets cold. Maybe later I'll take some pics of the finished rooms. 
The arrival of fall has seemed to bring back summer. After a few days of low 90s we are now back up over 100 at least until sometime next week. Enough already. 

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