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Monday, September 14, 2015

A long long time ago.

I was fooling around on-line earlier today and discovered a site that has old high school year books on it. OMG Here is a class picture from my high school, no I'm not in it. Notice the uniforms. This was a public high school in Wyoming. Girls had to wear black or navy blue slim skirts with a belt and a white blouse with a collar. Boys had to be in ROTC or band. If they weren't in ROTC they had to wear white shirts with ties and black or navy slacks. And boy you'd better not be caught out of uniform. I didn't have on an approved belt one day and got detention. The last Friday of every month was a uniform free day. And boy did the difference in family status show up.  
I remember beggin my Mom for a Jantzen skirt and sweater. Instead I got a J C Penny's sweater that 'looked" like a Jantzen. Believe me every one knew the difference. I've grown up since then.
And I even found a my senior picture. When I had it taken my girlfriend said it was a good picture "except for the face." But I knew what she meant - the original had been a black and white picture that had been "colored" or whatever they called it and it looked funny. So many years ago. 
While I was writing this I've been on the phone with Direct TV trying to get an appointment set up for the rest of our TVs. Need the cable run and the boxes reactivated. It took over an hour and I talked to eight different people. Finally I got someone who could schedule an appointment for TVs and boxes from a move. Cheeze!
Bill got the big TV mounted to the wall in the living room so that's why I called - Now we'll move the new TV into the bed room and hook up the old one in the livingroom and one in the guest/sewing room. And we have one left over...what should we do with it? 


  1. Love the photo of you Jackie. Cannot imagine wearing those uniforms, thought mine was bad ..hahah hope you are well xx

  2. Very nice picture of you in high school - what a fun thing to find. That is a lot of TV's if I have a vote - get rid of it :) :)