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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This turned out to be a varied weekend. Lots of sports to watch - none of it good - most of it ugly. 
First the Barcelona soccer game. Our favorite player get hurt at the beginning of the game. Tore something in his knee and will be out a month or so. Sure hope the team gets their act together and stays on top of the league. They are second now.
Then there were the races. The truck race - Kyle had a fast truck but didn't win. Miscalculations. And the important race - the Cup race - he blew a tire and hit the wall losing 37 laps. As of right now he is out of the Chase by ONE POINT! Hopefully he can recover next week. 
I waited all week for the Super Moon and the eclipse. Keep running outside to catch the first sight of the huge moon. We always have clear view of the desert at night - well always except for last night - there were lots of low clouds. Every once in a while I'd get a glimpse of the moon - but just tiny parts of it. One sighting.
 Another sighting. 
 Finally when it was way up in the sky I could see it. Just the end of the eclipse. Kind of disappointing. 
 My wonderful husband worked all weekend on the sewing machine cabinet and it is now all ready to use. This cabinet is a little bigger than the one I used to have. So when I'm sewing the whole room is pretty much mine. The two leaves on both ends fold up when the machine is put away. Can't wait to use it. But won't be right away as I am waiting for another piece - which came with it but had to be ordered after getting the cabinet. Might take as loing as three weeks - sure hope not. 
 So this room is done now too. 
I spent most of yesterday working on my jewelry web site. What a mess. Then sorting through all my completed jewelry to make sure the web site was accurate. Some items where pictured two or three times and a bunch of items are not there and I know they used to be there. So guess I'll spend some time taking pictures of them and adding them to the pages. I hate that part.  It's so hard to get a decent picture of a necklace or bracelet. [I still have zillions of beads to sort- I try to do a little every day.]
Waiting right now to leave for my doctor appointment. The one where The Doctor will finally see me and let me know "What he can do for me." 
Wow our youngest son turned 45 yesterday. It wasn't that long ago I turned 45 - just after we got back from our long drive to Argentina. 

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