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Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm retired - I can do NOTHING if I want.

Today we did NOTHING!  Neither one of us wanted to do a thing here at home today.
So we took off and drove across town. First to visit with our son and daughter-in-law at their office. Had a fun visit. Had to laugh at our son, he said he realized the other day he’d turned into his Dad. I’ve got news for him - they have always been alike. Then we went to Bill’s favorite store - Harbor Freight Tools - how can he keep finding stuff to buy there? I don’t like the smell of the place - kind of a used tire smell. So he has to shop fast or I go outside and wait.
And then we went out to a leisurely lunch.
Dropped some stuff off at the Alfa and my sun glasses that I thought I’d lost were there - just sitting on the table. I forgot we stopped there a week or so ago and I was looking for something and must have taken them off. Sure glad to find them.
Now we are getting ready to do the “legal” things we’ve got to do. One of them being going to the DMV - UGH!!! In Brown County it took about fifteen minutes to do everything - here it will take two full days. Not looking forward to it. Here in NV there are three kinds of driver’s licenses - the “Real ID License or ID”, the “Standard License or ID Card”, and the “Driver Authorization Card.” To get the first one you have to turn over your first born child and a pint of blood! Well maybe not that much but the list of needed documents goes on and on. The third kind of license can’t even be used for ID at a bank, but you can drive with it. So guess we’ll try for the second kind - only half the hoops to jump through.
For the cars we have to get them smogged [spell doesn’t like that word], change our insurance to a NV company, and then have the vin # authorized, then we can change the registration. Why was I complaining about Indiana? Neither car has been smogged for eight years, sure hope they pass. Just makes me tired thinking about it.

I did do a little work this afternoon - re arranged my material in my cubbies to match the color wheel. And hung a few craft things we’ve collected while traveling. But that’s about it. Don’t even intend to cook tonight. 


  1. After all that you and Bill have accomplished I think a day off was an excellent decision,

  2. We pretty much did nothing today too.

  3. Finally you are relaxing. Yeah!!! I'm sure you are happy to see it all come together. Do you think you are going to Mexico this winter?

    1. We are thinking about going down in January part of Feb. Staying in Mazatlan - leaving RV there and taking Jeep to Guanajuato for a week. We'll see. I have some surgery coming up so will have to see how that turns out.