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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Our Home Sweet Home.

A beautiful but warm day here in Vegas. Sunrise this morning over the Wetlands behind us.
Both Bill and I had to get up early this morning. Why, you ask? And even if you didn’t - because there was NASCAR on starting at 6 a.m. and soccer on at 6:30!
This living on the west coast is throwing a curve into our days. Glad we don’t live in Hawaii - we’d be up in the middle of the night!
Bill in living room watching Barcelona
The sewing/guest room where I'm watching NASCAR. The sewing cabinet is upside down on the floor
Except for the door which still has to be put on the sewing cabinet is now finished. And the drawers are together just not in it yet. 
It turned out to be a major project. And when it was all together [except for the door] the part that the sewing machine sits on and moves up and down on - the airlift mechanism - DIDN'T WORK! OMG. It would not move no matter how hard we pushed on it. So I went on line to their web site and sure enough there was a video “If the airlift mechanism doesn’t work” The third suggestion in was the one that fixed the problem.  So relieved.
So that is the last of our major chores - I think, I hope. Still have some pictures to hang and a couple of small pieces of furniture to buy - when and if I see something I like - and in the Spring do some landscaping. We are ready for a vacation. 
Here is how it looks now. This is the computer room. My M&Ms guard the door in. The bookcase our son Randy made in junior high. And most of the stuff on it the boys made while in school. 
 Looking at the living/dining room from the "little" room. The pics on the floor still need to be hung.  The door is to the bedroom. 
 Looking at the dining/living room from the kitchen. The cabinet they tried to sell me only half of. Now full of stuff we've collected from all over. 
 Looking towards the kitchen - with the "little" room off to the left.
And a look in the master bedroom. I made the quilt a few years ago. Again stuff our kids have made - the candle holders - and stuff we've collected over the years. 


  1. Looking very nice!! The two of you have put in a lot of effort..Just 7 more sleeps before we start our snowbird trek... See you soon !!

  2. It looks wonderful and very homey. I love your choice of color and furniture and you certainly have done a great job putting it all together. Are you comfortable enough to call this home? No regrets?

  3. No regrets. Especially with Bill feeling so much better. Now if we culd only get our energy back.

  4. Take a mini vacation to Lakeside Casino and Resort in Pahrump. It has a pretty good restaurant and it is Passport America.