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Friday, September 18, 2015

E Gad we're going to be busy!

We are both going to have a busy weekend with hopefully the last of the putting things together and putting things away. Yesterday we bought a whole bunch of stuff that needs putting together AND my sewing machine cabinet arrived - all FOUR boxes of it. 
I on the other hand will be sitting down sorting beads. For years I'll be sorting beads. In fact had to buy a new lamp so I could sort beads. Well no not really but that sounded good when I saw it. It is one of those "natural" light lamps, can be either on the table or used as a floor lamp. And it will be great for sewing too. Even has a magnifier in it. And it was 40% off.
Any way - this is a little cabinet that is full of beads. Before the move each little container held one type of bead. After move there was every type of bead in each container. Bead soup. There are lots and lots of containers. At the time I took this picture only the one large drawer at the bottom was sorted. And only cause they were beads still on strings. 

 This is what the containers looked like when I took them out of the holder. 
This is what they are supposed to look like. Many hours already of sorting - and only five little drawers sorted.
 Working away. Dump mess on table and sort one by one into separate holders. This is the way I'll spend most of today while I have NASCAR on the TV - Luckily I can see and hear it from the bead table. 
 And this is what Bill will probably be doing. Three of the boxes of the sewing machine cabinet waiting to be put together. At what it cost there should be someone with it to put it together. 
 One more box. Also some plastic storage shelving for the closet and two more boxes of need to be put together cubbies for my material. Once everything is together I'll be able to arrange my sewing/guest room. 
 Two of the cubbies put together with just a small little bit of my material put away. 
So as I said - we'll be busy for a while. But it is getting exciting that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Also have several paintings to hang and pictures of the family to put up. And a new light for the outside by the front door. 
Now I'm tired - time to turn on TV. 

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