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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday - day of rest - kind of.

Sunday - a day of rest. Bill has a soccer game to watch and I have a NASCAR Cup race to watch - and of course both are on at the same time at 11:30. So glad we have enough TVs. I will watch the race and watch the soccer game during the race commercials [won’t miss much of the soccer game there are so many commercials during the race.]
We do have to go to grocery store sometime today.
Bill put together the rest of my cubbies in the sewing room. And took the many, many parts of the sewing cabinet out of the boxes. 
So I spent lots of yesterday - while watching racing - putting material in the cubbies and setting up the closet into a craft area. There are no longer any boxes in that room.
We haven’t found a couple of things we thought we’d packed…maybe we didn’t pack them? Or are they in a mismarked box somewhere? Only have one box full of stuff I I still need to empty. Mostly pictures of family.
Oh, I mentioned I bought a special light for my beading and sewing. Guess what I got with the sewing cabinet? One of those lights - as a gift for buying the cabinet. Not a floor model with a magnifying glass like the one I bought - but none the less a nice one to use for sewing.
The weather heated up again today. If it didn’t reach 100 it got real close. But starting tomorrow the highs will be in the high 80s. Brrr! Bill wants to know where his long johns are.
We did go out this a.m. first to breakfast then grocery shopping. Got home in time to hang a few pictures before the soccer game started. Then of course the race. Barcelona won - they haven’t lost a game yet this season. And a Gibbs driver won the race. Kyle #18 led a lot of laps but messed up on the last restart and finished 9th.
I spent part of the race sorting through the things that go in the sewing machine drawers and discovered another part that got broken. A presser foot and of course it is the one I use all the time. So another trip to JoAnns where they sell my brand of machine. If they don't carry it I'll have to find it online. 

Going to hang a few more pictures then I’m done for the day. Time to read. No sorting of beads today - have to wait until my eyes uncross. 

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