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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Time flies when you're busy

Tuesday already - today we are doing almost nothing. Well except for laundry and unpacking a couple of small boxes. Believe it or not we've got most of the stuff put away. We are both tired. Have done too much in the last four months. Time to rest. In fact this morning we both slept in until about 7:30. Miss today's sunrise. This was Sunday - I think. 
The night before I stayed up late reading and heard yipping and howling coming from the Wetlands in back of us. Coyotes? Didn't sound like dogs. And already the raccoons have been in our trash when we forgot and put it out at night. Bunnies are all around all the time. 
The extra bedroom that I'll be using as a sewing room [and guest room] just some of the boxes in it. That is the damaged sewing machine cabinet laying on it's side in front of the window. 
Spent most of yesterday working in there - unpacking, checking what was in boxes and putting boxes in closet until we get some shelving for organizing all my sewing and bead stuff. Think I'll hang the small quilts on the wall.
Sunday getting ready to watch the NASCAR race. I know I'm nuts. What a LONG race - four and one half hours! That translates to two and one half hours of commercials - if not more! At least the M&M #18 cinched his Chase chance. 
We did get some shelving for the computer room closet so it is kind of organized now. And a dresser to put the TV on in the sewing room - and I'll be able to use the storage. And Bill got a big desk unit so he can work on his hobbies. They will be delivered tomorrow.
I think there are still some things that we haven't found yet. Just little things that were probably stuck in some box last minute. I imagine it will take a while before everything is looked through.  


  1. Wow, I can't believe all that you have accomplished in a short time. Love your quilts.

  2. Glad you are kinda', sorta' settling in.
    So, what are Bill's hobbies?