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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another installment in Country Living

The joys of living in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! Yah, I’m back at it again – comparing life in L.A or Vegas to life in Brown County. Don’t know if I mentioned it or not but we are having problems with our side by side refrigerator/freezer. The one we use every day in the kitchen – bought it new when we moved here. What was that? Five years ago. All of a sudden it started to snow inside the upper portion of the freezer. Not really a frost build up more like snow. Nothing I’ve been able to do has solved the problem. This started to happen BEFORE Labor Day weekend. So Tuesday Sept 4th I called our home warranty service and they gave me a company to call to come fix it. I called them. The first day they could get someone out here to fix it was Sept 11th – yesterday – between 8:00 and 5:00!!!! Sure glad the thing was working okay, just snowing. So yesterday morning I called them to see if they could pinpoint the time a little better. Good thing I called them. Whoever I talked to first FORGOT to enter it in the system……No one was coming! And the first day they could give me would be Sept 17th – another week away. So called warranty people back and they told me to find someone else and just call them back. So we have someone from near (the operative word – near) here coming this afternoon – I hope. Took a few calls to find someone who would come out here in the hills. “Nashville? Oh I don’t go to Nashville.”

So instead spent most of yesterday with Bill and the truck in Columbus getting things done. Windows tinted, alarm and remote start installed. Such fun. Did find a good restaurant though. While waiting for the alarm we went across the street to a Sirloin Stockade. First time we’ve ever been in one. Pleasant surprise. Very nice buffet – lots and lots of choices and food was good and service was excellent. Funny thing is we’ve seen Sirloin Stockade near the campground in Guadalajara, MX and have always said we were going to go there to eat but never did. I wonder if they are the same?
No comments about the NASCAR race Saturday evening. Did not enjoy that race at all. Rotten to miss the Chase by three points.
Weather is perfect at least. Very cool nights and nice days. Rain expected by Friday. I am in short sleeved shirt and Bill was wearing his sweat shirt. I’d love to give him some of my heat.

1 comment:

  1. But, I am sure you are giving Bill some heat!

    Just having a fun play on words....I live in the other beautiful party of Southern Ind.
    Greene County. We are just 10 miles west of Bloomington.

    Enjoying your blog...stay cool.