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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Willie is mad at us

I was going to write a whole blog on all the work Bill has been doing on his “new” old truck. But now I’m afraid too.

The truck is back from the mechanic where it got new brakes a new exhaust system. A K & N filter

and dual exhaust pipes.
Bill is thinking of naming the truck Billy because it is a Ram. Right now the truck is in our garage – only two inches of clearance from the bottom of the garage opening when putting it inside. Guess that eliminates putting lights on top of it.
So now Bill is busy adding shinny parts to it. New door handles
New gas tank cover etc. etc.
Just some of the pieces and parts waiting to be put on.
Why am I scared to write about this? Well Willie is jealous. How do I know this? Yesterday Willie was acting up – didn’t want to go into third gear. And this morning Bill had Willie’s hood up checking his fluids and Willie, in a snit, dropped the hood on Bills hands. OUCH! And now third gear seems to be working fine.
So Bill has had a long talk with Willie and told him we love him very much and would never think of replacing him with the truck. (Unless he does something else mean [that is me talking not Bill].)
And Willie gets to go with us when we travel - not the truck.

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