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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting cold here

Turned the furnace on for a few minutes this morning just to take the chill off. Since Bill started taking all the medication to thin his blood etc. he gets really cold. Really, really cold. Hopefully one of these days he can stop taking some of it.

Well we made up our minds. We are going to return to Mexico for the winter and we’ll be taking the Alfa – so much more comfortable to live in. So now we need to take Jennie back to storage – Bill finished doing the fixes in her – and pick up the Alfa. It too needs some minor work on it before starting out again. Also want to replace the huge TV with a flat screen. And take out all the HughesNet boxes. We’ll still have the satellite dish for the TV though.
Only have a couple hummingbirds left – guess they are already heading for warmer weather. And for some reason the deer haven’t been around the last few days. Wonder what happened to them. Not hunting season yet – I don’t think. With all the rain we’ve been getting lately all the flowers and grasses are going crazy. Just beautiful. And some of the trees are already starting to turn.
Later this afternoon we go to get the graphics put on the Truck. I’m almost afraid to see them……Will post pictures when we get home.
Well I see Blogger has changed their format again!!! Why can't they leave things alone when they work fine.

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  1. Getting cooler here too, the deer know by the weather that it's time to head out. I hope Bill has thermal underwear, it really helps keep the legs warm, even in the house.