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Saturday, September 22, 2012

TA DA it is done.

Autumn has arrived with a BANG! All of a sudden last evening we started seeing lightening and hearing thunder – then lost the TV signal! Got up to look outside and it was pouring. Then the noise got really loud and it started to hail. Just little sized hail but the first time since we’ve lived here that this area got hail. Lots of wind too. And the temps dropped into the 40s. Luckily no damage around here and it didn’t last very long. But it stayed cold! Woke up this morning to the furnace running. Not supposed to get any warmer than low 60s today and tomorrow. But then back up into the mid 70s.

We plan on taking Jennie, the class C, back to storage and picking up the Alfa Monday – Hope the diesel prices stay below $4.00 as we think it is close to empty. Near the storage place we saw one station at $3.999….
Noticed yesterday coming home from town that more and more of the trees are starting to turn. After this weekend of cold nights they should be really pretty.

THE TRUCK now called Rambo is just about finished. Got the graphics put on it Thursday. Pretty nice. I think it is all done. This was when we just got it.
 Here it is now. New wheels, fenders, lower part painted with gravel proof paint - kind of like Rhino Lining - and the graphics.
A closer look at the front of the graphic. It is a Rams head and flag.
The back end - something is going to go in the middle but I don't know what    yet. Before graphics added. And after.
UGGHHHH the Internet is driving me crazy - very slow and coming and going. So will finish this now when I can. Oops I was not fast enough..... 


  1. Truck looks great, bet Bill is happy. Same weather here.

  2. Looks really nice! Are you ready to head south?