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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Snap, Crackle, and Pop I say.

Really really cool morning. Only in the low 50s. But just beautiful out. Went out to breakfast and everyone in the restaurant was talking about the weather – how nice it was.

Took Willie over to a shop in Columbus to get the graphics on the drivers side redone. They were beginning to crack and peel. So now that is done. And while he was kissing up Bill also bought a new steering wheel cover for Willie. Hope that keeps him happy for a while.

Don’t even want to talk about the race last night. The #18 missed getting into the Chase by four points. Bad call by his crew chief. Now I hope he goes out and wins a bunch of the next ten races……..It won’t get him the cup but sure would make his fans feel better.
Remember the Rice Krispies box with the little characters on it. Snap, Crackle and Pop. When I was just a little kid my Grandmother ordered me a set of the figures. They had to be sewn together and stuffed. Pretty neat. Why did that come to mind now? Well every time I get out of a chair that is what my bones somewhere in my body say, “Snap, crackle, pop.” If not my foot, my ankle, if not that my knees and so on. Lordy I am falling apart one joint at a time.
Also my hands are now shaking most of the time and it is starting to interfere with my beading. Makes me mad. Also when using the mouse for the computer I have to really concentrate to click on what I want to click on instead of something on the other part of the screen. Mouse seems to have a mind of its own lately. It is nothing serious just aggravating. I don’t even try writing any more. Can’t read anything I write. If I do write the grocery list we have to guess when we get to the store. Hummmm what do you suppose ZZssT/\YHX means….
Saw a deer in the flowers out front this morning so had to run out there and spray that stinky stuff around before they munched on anything. At least I managed to stay upwind of it this time.


  1. If the shaking just started, you might want to have it checked out. Could be from a medication you are taking. Hate to think of anything affecting all the wonderful crafts you do.

  2. its been going on for years - just sometimes worse than others. not serious - it is Essential Tremmors - remember how Kathern Hepbourns head shook - well my head isn't shaking yet just my hands and only when I am doing something with them. Like writing, eating, lifting a spoon, beading, etc etc. More irritating than anything.

  3. Can't wait for the shakes. My left hand starting to curl with the other gift. Half blind and 1/4 deaf now. Interesting bonuses for hanging in there. Love ya. Dennis