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Monday, September 17, 2012

Hobbies keeping me busy - truck keeping him busy.

We’ve had more rain, in fact a small shower just passed through and more expected later tonight. But the biggest news is the temperatures. Very cool out. Might have to turn the furnace on later today. And it is supposed to get even cooler in a few days. Might go down into the 30s at night. That should start the trees turning color.

I’ve been keeping busy with hobbies. Finished my Koi fish suncatcher – turned out pretty. Now starting a fall one to put up for the season.
Also finished a necklace I started a while ago and made another one. It turned out really nice.

These are both prettier than the pictures look.
Also cooked up a batch of Chauvinist Chili. Yum yum. Made enough to freeze some for another day.
Well the second refrigerator repair man came this morning. He finally figured out what was wrong. A piece that transfers the cold air from the freezer to the refrigerator was stuck open and letting in air from the refrigerator and that was making it snow in the freezer. And of course the part had to be ordered. So won’t have it really fixed until NEXT Tuesday. Sure glad it wasn’t serious – like not working or something. Just a thought - this all started happening right after Willie got mad - wonder if he talked to the refrigerator.......?
Spent a lot of the weekend watching TV – a couple of races and soccer games. Our favorite soccer team Barcelona won and our unfavorite team Real de Madrid – lost. And my favorite driver came in 2nd in the Nationwide series and 4th in the cup race. So maybe his luck is turning around. Sure hope so. Looks like Jeff Gordon's luck is continuing to be rotten. Kind of wish he'd had problems last weekend so my driver could have been in the chase instead of Gordon. Oh well -
This was an expensive month for the cars. Everything had to be renewed this month. Including registering the new truck. Doing most of it online or by telephone. That always makes me nervous. I like to have something I’ve paid for put right into my hand – not wait for it. Here in Indiana the registrations for your cars comes due on your birthday (or in our case Bill's birthday) no matter when you first registered them. Weird.
Boy you’d think I was really efficient – multi tasking here. I have the laptop running trying to update my virus protection. Have the scanner running to get pics of the suncatcher and necklaces to put on line and doing this blog updating. And ordering some stained glass supplies. Can't buy them around here anywhere. Busy busy.
Bill is still working on his truck – by tomorrow afternoon it should be completely finished. I don't think there is anything else he can add to it after that.


  1. Love your hobby items; they are beautiful. What is Chauvinist Chili??

  2. Its a recipe my Uncle gave me years ago. Its on page 9 recipes of the womens rv forum