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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cold and Raining

Frost on the ground yesterday morning when we got up!!!! But by mid-week it is supposed to be back up into the mid 70s during the day. Today, Tuesday, it is supposed to start raining around noon and keep raining until Friday – off and on. Oops its just 8:20 and Bill just looked out the window and said “its raining.”

So yesterday we did not go pick up the Alfa – no sense having it here and not wanting to go out to it because of the rain. Well actually that wasn’t the real reason. A soccer game that was to be on Sunday got postponed until 1:00 Monday - had to be home to watch it. Madrid won – poop.
Don’t know what was the matter with me yesterday, I couldn’t stay awake. Took a long nap and went to bed early and slept until 7 this a.m. Being on the far west end of the Eastern time zone it doesn’t get light here in the morning till around 7:15 so it is easy to sleep in. Lots of weird dreams throughout the night though. The kind that leave you uneasy when you wake up.
Waiting for a delivery from Glass Crafters – stained glass suppliers – to finish a couple of sun catchers I’ve made. Ordered a copper patina to stain the solder. And a good day to work on my quilt. Just have to do some “stitch in the ditch” stuff on each block.
I have mixed feelings about the Internet – sometimes think it does more harm than good what with all the misinformation out there. But sometimes I wonder what we would do without it. Yesterday ordered a case of lollipops and a case of Earl Grey for Bill. Couldn’t find the lollipops any where around here and wanted a large amount of tea for the winter trip. Black tea is one of the things very hard to find in Mexico.
And today the refrigerator repairman is supposed to come to fix our blizzard. Glad he is coming as the freezer and refrigerator sections are starting to get really cold. Have turned the freezer way down and almost have to cut the ice cream with a saw it is so hard.
All but two of the hummingbirds have already left us. So guess I won’t have to be cooking any more nectar for them. Now the crows are coming back. They don’t like the hummingbirds and don’t come around when the little guys are here.
Found a TV at Sam's Club that we will probably get to put in the Alfa. Take the original big bulky one out. Haven't set a "leave" date yet but will probably be around the 1st of November. Our friend from Columbus will stay at the house again this year. So we don't have that worry all winter. In the mean time we are making lists of what we need to take with us.

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