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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rainy Day Today - and Hot too.

The remnants of Isaac are finally here. Guess it is going to rain off and on all day today. It doesn’t need to rain the humidity is so high everything feels wet any way. My mouse is sticking to the mouse pad. Going to be like this for a few days. ICK! Even my clothes felt wet when I put them on this morning. And it is pretty warm out too to add to the muggly feel. (Muggly = muggy and ugly – favorite word of the weathermen here.)

Weird – all of a sudden my keyboard wanted to type all in caps. But just in Word so had to go into format and change case and check uppercase instead of lower case. Now it is working fine. Gremlins at work again.
We had an interesting experience the other day – at least interesting for us city folks. Went into the BMV – same as DMV other places to ask about what we needed to license the new truck. We had the title. We got there at 9:05 and left at 9:15 with everything done and the temp plate in hand. Something that in L.A. or Vegas would have probably taken two trips of three hours each. Guess there is some advantage of living in the country.
Before it got too hot yesterday morning I vacuumed then steam mopped the kitchen, bathroom and the den floors. Sure like that steam mopping. But today I can feel it in my back. Maybe I should do it more often……
Of course watched the races, truck on Friday eve and Nationwide last nite. Kyle led most of the truck race then got passed in the last few laps and didn’t win. And last nite one driver lead almost the whole race and got passed right at the end by another driver who won. Got to be disappointing. Tonight is the Sprint Cup race. Kyle #18 either has to win or finish in the top five to maintain his points position with only one race to go to the Chase.
While watching the races I worked on a new fleece throw that will be for me. M & M is the sponsor of the #18 car. It will be nice and cozy if we ever get cooler weather.
Also did some of the hand work - putting on the binding of the "real" quilt I'm trying to get finished.
Should have it done by tonight between the soccer games and tonight's race.
Took a few pictures of the work that has been done on the “new” old truck. It is home from the mechanics and in the garage. Will save them for another post.  

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