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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lots of projects in the works.

Another beautiful fall day. Tomorrow afternoon it is supposed to start raining again and rain for a couple of days. Not many of the trees around us have changed their colors yet, but a few have. Across the street from us.

And the poison oak is now bright red as it climbs up the trunks of the trees.
The Alfa sitting out in front of the house in the drive way.
Good thing we have a BIG driveway! We have two pads with electricity where we could park it but it is easier to work in when it's closer to the garage. One of the things Bill wanted to do in it was change out the old TV for a new flat screen. What the old TV looked like (minus its frame)
It was a devil to take out without destroying the surrounding area. Luckily we have really good friends and neighbors who are handy with their hands. Just the beginning of building support for the new one.
Okay the new TV stays up there but still a lot of work to do. This is one of those ideas you kind of wish you hadn’t started but now have to finish.
That is kind of where I am with this quilt too.

It started with the embroidered pieces – the girls. All done just after I got my sewing machine when we still lived in Vegas.
And the embroidered sayings
Then progressed to the fans. They can be arranged in any number of patterns...
So I am at the “now what?” stage.  I think I need more of the background color material………
I also have some larger girls that I was intrigued with when I started to appliqué them. Thought I'd use one of them as a center piece of the quilt. Didn’t get too far.
There’s always next summer – or this winter if we do end up staying home.
I think I mentioned that Bill ordered some lollipops from the Internet cause we couldn’t find any of the kind he likes around here. Well he got them – lots and lots of them. Here he is sorting them by color – he only likes one or two of the colors guess I’ll have to eat the rest of them.
Today is a Cup race, a soccer game with Real de Madrid and we are having company for dinner. So it will be a busy last day of September.

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