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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I have a JOB!!!

OMG – I have to go to WORK today. But first we have to go in to Columbus to Hobby Lobby to buy a new glass cutter. Mine is no longer scoring the glass smoothly. Skips off and on so glass will break weirdly – no good. My job - a person ordered some sun catchers off of the web site!!!!! The only problem is she ordered five of the same one and I only make one of each. I talked to her and she is willing to wait a couple of days while I make four more. So now I really need the new glass cutter. Don’t want to screw up a JOB.

And I got my delivery from Glass Crafters so I can make a couple of 3-D angels – they are fun to make and make great gifts. And I’ve also decided I need more background material for the quilt I’m working on – bought the original material over two years ago, hope I can match it. It is just a plain color so I think I’ll be okay.
Right now it is pouring out but at least quite a bit warmer. So far in September we’ve had seven inches of rain where three inches is normal. Also having way below normal temps. What a screwed up year this has been. Dry and too hot in summer and now wet and cold. Makes me wonder what winter will be like?????
The freezer is finally fixed. Glad the guy who came yesterday really knew his job as he found another problem caused by the first problem. And he was able to fix everything.


  1. Happy cutting, glad you got an order. Winter will be crappy, that's my personal prediction!

  2. Good for you! You are so multi-talented. Hope it all goes smoothly. Good to hear you finally got rid of the indoor snow.

  3. Whew! Had me worried there. It's a temporary job that you enjoy.
    Winter will be fine...you'll be in Mexico!