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Thursday, November 11, 2010

500 Miles from Home

Thursday a.m. Kentucky

Park City, KY  RV park
To all the Veterans and active military personnel around the world. THANK YOU!
It is cold here this a.m. – What happened to the shorts and t-shirt weather?
The Internet is working great this morning both AOL and all the search engines.
Yesterday after setting it up couldn’t get on AOL and from both IE and Firefox I couldn’t get the search feature to work. Wonder why it takes overnight for it to get working. Hopefully it has to do with the modem switch and not the location switch. Guess I’ll know this afternoon. Just reread yesterday’s post – sounds like I said the air conditioning wanted to lock me out – it was the computer that was locking me out not the air conditioning. Have the heater running this morning!
We have five clocks in here – not counting the phone and computers and only two show the correct time – the other three are all different - don’t know where they think they are.
Between the time change earlier this week and the time zone change yesterday I could barely keep my eyes open until late enough to go to sleep. Glad the Central Time Zone is such a big area might be able to get used to it in a day or two.

Thursday p.m. Arkansas

Today was a long day – 350 miles.
It got HOT again during the day – especially with the sun shinning in the front window. Had to put on shorts and take my shoes off!
Pretty uneventful day of driving. Did stop at a Flying J and was disappointed to find out their good restaurants are gone and been replaced by Dennys. Bet the truckers miss the buffets! Gas is 40 cents a gallon cheaper in Tennessee than in Indiana – good time to fill up.

The trees still have a lot of their colors along the freeways so made for a pretty drive.
But the trucks – so many down I-65 and then I-40. Felt like a piece of bologna between slices of bread! Glad I wasn’t driving – doesn’t seem to bother The Driver.
Through Nashville, Jackson, Memphis and across the Mississippi into Arkansas.

Crossing the Mississippi
 Saw a big field fire off in the distance.
Big field fire
We are staying in a campground at a Super 8 Motel in Heth, Arkansas. Have stayed here once before. Its okay, has all utilities including WiFi BUT right next to a TA truck stop and I-40. Lots of truck noise – and if I remember correctly it goes on all night. Easy in and out and pull-throughs. There is a little river that runs along next to it – so I see lots of little bugs flying around outside.
Both TV and Internet are working. But it must be the putting up and taking down the satellite dish that fouls up AOL and the search engines as again they are not working. Will have to ask the guy in Vegas who is going to install the piece that needs replacing. It’s not catastrophic but it is annoying. Got two more of the clocks set to the correct time. The last one will stay on Indiana time.
Went across street to eat dinner – there is a Burger King, Taco Bell and a Country Pride (TAs restaurant) The Driver had buffet – didn’t know he could eat so much. I had spaghetti with enough left for tomorrow lunch.

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