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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Visiting Relatives and Friends

Wednesday p.m.

Satellite guy came back. Installed new router, a Cisco brand?, and password, talked to tech service at MotoSat in Utah – Oops – they were supposed to send a new teeny tiny antenna along with the new GPS board – they didn’t. It will go in the mail today and be here in Vegas - Friday? Monday? Sometime? If the new antenna doesn’t fix the problem guess I’ll still have to put the coordinates in by hand. For the price of the damn thing they should send an engineer with it to keep it running right.
There is a “cold, dry weather system” moving through here and the freeze warnings will be around till Saturday. Lovely.
Check out wind in trees
Saturday a.m.

Still unusually cold here in the desert. I forgot to take the cell phone out of my purse the other night and it got so cold it completely discharged and refused to charge or come on until it warmed up. Poor thing. At least the wind has stopped blowing. Thought it was going to tip us over one day.
Guess part for satellite didn’t come in yesterday as we didn’t hear from the satellite guy. Right now it is working fine so I’d best not complain too loud. Even managed to upload a photo album and page for last year’s trip to Mexico with no problems this morning. Have discovered it works really well real early in the morning or late at night. Guess there are fewer people using Hughes Net then.

We had a really good Thanksgiving dinner at youngest sons home. His wife is a delightful person and an excellent cook. Turkey, ham, stuffing, carrots, appetizers, deserts and good wine just to mention a few things. Second youngest son was also there with his girl friend. First time we’ve met her. She is a sign language interpreter . Very smart, pretty and nice. All in all a very enjoyable time. Wish we could do it more often.

Tried out the new cooker for an omelet yesterday turned out pretty darn good. Nifty little machine and real easy to clean.

The Cooker -As Seen on TV

The omelet
Went to visit some friends here yesterday. They own the only stained glass supplier, left open in town and their business is really down. Check them out at http://www.glassartinc.com/ They told us about a grocery store they go to called King Ranch. It is a big Mexican market. So we went – so glad. Found the pastries I love and can only find in Mexico. Bought a bag full. Bill also found his favorite candy. A very nice market – got some tortillas, shredded cheese and guacamole so we can try making quesadillas in the new cooker. Yum.

Went to WalMart yesterday afternoon to pick up a couple of things and it wasn’t busy at all. Sure hope they had a bunch of “early” shoppers. There even wasn’t much traffic on the roads. Again hope everyone was out early.

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