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Monday, November 29, 2010

Scenery, Snow and Burros

Still Sunday p.m.

The Driver is watching an exciting soccer game so I’m working on this. Posted the item on the ride/jump before I managed to lose it. Now I’ll continue on about our drive. It was much nicer and safer.
As I said we headed to Red Rock Canyon. (Remember you can click on the photo to make it bigger – some of them are worth the effort.) The entrance to the area – we saved $10 by being able to use our “old fogey” pass.

Some of the rocks that gave the place its name.

The sky was so blue and the air so clear.

Just interesting formations.

A storm in the desert towards California – weather report says “frozen precipitation.” Wouldn’t that be snow?

More rocks – love the colors.

A white one behind the red ones.

The wind and rain and time sure shape the rocks and wear them out

Several years ago a big fire went through here. So many of the Joshua Trees are burned.

But time heals and there is new growth all over.

There were more people in the area today then I’ve ever seen there. The trailside parking lots were full of cars. Some climbers out on the rocks. See the guy up there by himself? He was swinging on a rope just before I took the picture.

Different colored stripes in the rocks.

The storm clouds were getting more menacing, but still a long ways away.

Standing alone – so majestic

The colors of the desert. I love the rocks, the mountains, the vegetation and the views. Here it is around 4500 feet.

Yes that is snow along the road in Las Vegas in November

There was quite a bit of it.

The area is known for its wild burros. As many times as we’ve driven through here we’ve never seen them when I had the camera with me – only when I didn’t have it. Today we were lucky. Three of them were walking along and checking out all the people jumping out of their cars with their cameras.

Stopped at Silverton Casino and the big Bass Pro Shop there – could wander there for hours. There now is parking so people can stop and take their pictures with the sign.

Then back to civilization? The building is pretty but the canyon is beyond description.

I love the desert – all the wide open space.

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