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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just running errands

Sunday a.m.

Got up at the crack of dawn – literally – just one little sliver of light showing on the horizon. It is so windy we are rocking like a sail boat on a rough sea. Also kind of cool. Just checked the temps in Indiana and to day it is going to be nicer there than here. Got some rain yesterday too.
Moved to the 1000Trails rv park yesterday morning. Forgot how small the spaces here are – Jennie just barely fits how did we ever get the Alfa in one? The spaces are so small that the guys on both side of us with 5th wheels and trucks barley have room for their trucks. Poor Willie is squished between them.
Have mostly spent our time running around doing errands. Been to one used book store to stock up for Mexico – still have another one to visit. Got the graphics on the side of Willie fixed – replaced the cracked swirl. Stopped at a kite shop for some heavy weight string for The Driver’s big kite and ended up buying another kite. Interesting store – they have a web page www.windpowersports.com check it out.
Of course we also had to go to Frys (I love that place) to get a new battery for my camera and to replace an antenna that disappeared off the Jeep on the way out here.
Went out to dinner with youngest son and his family. Really enjoyed it. Went to TGIF – their salads are so good.
Still haven’t heard from the guy who is supposed to replace the part in the satellite dish. Called him three times and haven’t received a return call yet. We called MotoSat in Utah and they said the part should have been here yesterday. These installers seem to have a mind of their own.
In our driving around Vegas we have seen first hand the problems the economy is causing. Lots of empty buildings. In fact my favorite yardage store is gone. And it was a big busy place in business for years. Went by to see our old condo and a couple doors had foreclosure notices taped to them. Two major projects on the Strip are sitting partially finished with no one working on them.
Did go by the City Center on the Strip – it is finished and open. A year ago they were working like crazy on it. When it finished a lot of construction workers lost their jobs, but a lot of service workers got jobs. Here are some pictures of it. It is an amazing project forgot how many buildings it consists of. Will tour it while here. All of these buildings were started and finished at the same time. They weren't even started when we moved away in 2007 and they opened the end of last year.

Watching the last race of the season now.

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