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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Monday a.m.

We’ve had a really cold snap for a couple of days. When Bill looked out the window and saw this – he was ready to leave right then.
Yes that's SNOW

Temps were down around 20 at night for a couple of nights. We had to put antifreeze in Jennies tanks and keep the water inside dripping and the heat on in her. She’ll be glad to get out of here too. So we are moving our departure date up a week or so. Will have to contact campgrounds for reservations later today. AND will have to change the one reservation I did make….never fails. Always all our plans are written in Jell-O.

Little by little we are getting ready to go – I have lists all over the house of last minute things to do.

Last night was warmer and by tomorrow it is supposed to be up in the 70s again. Right now I’m so hot. There is a furnace vent right under my computer desk where I can’t get to it to close it off. The rest of the house is still pretty cool though.

Our friend who is staying here the winter is almost all moved in. He had quite a shock when the power went off in the middle of the night a few nights ago. Until he moves his own TV over here he is using our older one – the one that comes on by itself when the power goes off and comes back on. It’s kind of startling when suddenly there is light and someone is talking in your room. Certainly woke him right up.

Saw the fawns a couple of days ago they are almost all grown up now and their coats have turned a much darker brown.

Went to buy coffee the other day – EGAD! $10 a can for Hills Brothers ½ Cafe. When did that happen? Guess I’ll start looking for sales or bargain brands. We stock up before going to Mexico ‘cause it’s harder to find there. Lots of instant but very little ground.

And yesterday gas was up to $3 again. Glad Jennie is full.

Tuesday p.m. 
Have loaded almost everything into Jennie - will take off tomorrow a.m. Will be a short day just to Park City, KY.

Till then......

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