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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Putzing Around in Vegas

Tuesday p.m.

EGAD!!! There is a “FREEZE Warning” for Vegas tonight – crap I thought we left that behind. Wind is blowing about 25mph too. So far it has been warmer in Indiana than here in Vegas.

Today was a semi-productive day. A mobile oil change service came here to the campground and changed Jennie’s and Willie’s oils. Made it easy on us and only about $5 more expensive than the service station. Then we had to run up to BestBuy and get an external CD/DVD drive for The Driver’s laptop. His just up and quit working so he couldn’t play any of his games…..Oh Gosh.

Then later in the afternoon the technician for the satellite came. He put in the new GPS board AND IT STILL ISN’T WORKING!!!!! – He’ll be back tomorrow when the technicians at MotoSat in Utah are available. Also said we needed a new router – a Linksy instead of the Belkin we have. Turns out the Belkin doesn’t work well with Hughes Net AND it is a very old, read - outdated, one. Our old installer strikes again! Bill is about ready to use the dish as a fry pan.

Went out to lunch yesterday with a couple of friends that I worked with in LA. We all retired around the same time and they both have since moved to Vegas. Neat to just have “girl talk” for a while.

Also had a strip of dark tinting put on the windshield and driver and passenger windows. Hope it helps – we got to Vegas just as the sun was setting and could not see a thing while driving down Boulder Highway.

Bought a “As Seen on TV” “Xpress Redi SetGo” cooker. It is small and electric and today I used it for the first time to cook some grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. Worked great. Maybe I’ll try small omelets tomorrow morning. Doesn’t use propane and very easy to clean up.

I am still trying to straighten out my movingon1.com web page. I think I have all the picture albums working again. But can’t find a couple of pages that have small errors on them. GRRRRR……

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  1. It seems like it's always something! Wish you at least had warm weather but mother nature is pretty busy all over. We got a tiny bit of snow last night but it is warmer than yesterday and the wind has calmed down! Enjoy yourselves!