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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Very Windy Monday

Sunday p.m.

Last couple of days I’ve been working on my web page about our travels to Mexico. Much to my surprise all of the picture albums that I had made with Web Album and posted the last three years disappeared when the hosting company decided to “upgrade” my account a month or so ago. I thought I’d worked through all the problems that had caused but I guess not. Luckily a reader told me about the missing pictures. Unfortunately some of the pictures and albums I can’t redo as the original pictures are at home on my PC. Will continue to plow through it though and fix things as best I can. Don’t think I’ll even try to add this years travels to it. Maybe find me another hosting company and start anew!
Jeeze its only 6:3p.m. -we’re in yet another time zone – mountain – seems like it is 11:00!

Monday p.m.

Got off to a cold and early start from Tucumcari. The highway so far here in New Mexico is fabulous – most of it seems to be newly repaved. Nice smooth ride. Well it would have been if not for the wind. Horrible wind! Two hands hanging tightly on to the steering wheel driving. Big tumbleweeds blowing across the highway windy. Jennie rocking back and forth windy. Gas mileage going to heck windy.
Did not go as far as we planned on Monday – just too windy. And storms all around us. This is out the passenger window looking north.
nice this direction
Then looking southwest where it was pouring.
Rain storm
The scenery is definitely improving. A couple of the pretty rocks with the sun shinning on them through the storm clouds.

Rock in the sun

The rain with the exception of a couple of drops now and then never caught us. Thank goodness.
Stopped to eat and gas up. Waiter said it was always this windy in the area. A couple flags blowing straight out and their poles are bending from the wind too.
Almost blowing over
Most of the way from Tucumcari the old Route 66 ran beside the highway. This is one of the original bridges crossing the El Puerco River.

We stopped at an Indian Casino called the Dancing Eagle at their small RV park. $10 a night for full hookups – basically it was a gravel parking lot – but who cares – it was a pull-through. By spending the night there we also were given a certificate for $10 for gasoline – three and a third gallons. And we had dinner in the restaurant. Monday through Wed. for $13.99 you can get T-bone steak, baked potato, vegetables and roll for two. We enjoyed every bite of it. And there was WiFi so I didn’t have to put the satellite up in the wind. But it was COLD overnight.
Left there early Tuesday a.m. More wind but from behind us this time and not quite so fierce.
Tuesday turned out to be a long day. 

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  1. Take care on the road you guys, and enjoy the trip.