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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scarey Ride in the Wind

Sunday p.m.

Had a little sprinkling last night, just enough to make a mess of the windshields. And again the wind is BLOWING – steady at over 20 with higher gusts.
Went out to late breakfast and decided to take a drive up the mountains to Red Rock Canyon. Beautiful clear day for a ride up there.
Drove down part of The Strip again – Just thought this was a pretty picture of the Wynn and Encore – and notice the blue building in the background.

The big blue building – it is the unfinished Fountainbleu – construction halted a while back for lack of money.
Unfinished Hotel
This would have been the entrance.

What a shame. And this is just one of the many unfinished projects around town.
This is the Stratosphere – it is appx. 1150 feet high.

As we were driving towards it I saw a couple of things moving down the outside of the building. IT IS A RIDE!

Doesn't this look safe.

855 feet up
 Some how people are attached to something at the top of the building –see arrow- and dropped down the side – see arrow.

In this wind! Are they crazy or what. It is called SkyJump. Check it out http://skyjumplasvegas.com/Skyjump Also check out the Frequently asked questions. Especially the one “Is it scarey?”

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