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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In Las Vegas Now

Wednesday a.m.

Just finished posting the blog about the trip through New Mexico so now will try to catch up to date.
Continued on through New Mexico. Except for the tumbleweeds and the billboards advertising “Indian Jewlery etc.” for sale not much to write.

Note painting on rock


Then on into Arizona.

Fire south of Flagstaff

 Did see what looked like a big forest fire just south of Flagstaff. Hope it didn't do too much damage.
We cut off the I-40 at Kingman and headed for Vegas. Passed the road going to the Skywalk….It’s 45 miles off the highway. Then on towards Hoover Dam. The new road to the bridge is almost complete. Mostly newly paved divided two-lane only a little still under construction. Before we knew it we were going across the bridge. Lots of people walking out on it looking at the Dam. From Jennie I couldn’t even see the dam, just part of the lake behind it. It was much more impressive when we could drive over the Dam and see the bridge. At least there is no more stopping to be inspected.

We got into Vegas around 5:00 – stopped at Sam’s Town RV ‘cause our reservations at 1000Trails aren’t until Saturday the 20th. Got a back-in space as the pull-throughs are $10 more per night! Satellite is up and working.
All we did was walk across the street to WalMart and pick up a few things and some warm fried chicken for dinner. Turned in early. The Driver is pooped from the wind and long drives. Took us six days to make 2000 miles – too many too soon. He says “never again” I say “until next time.” We were both in bed by 9 [five days ago it was midnight]
At least it was warm. But forgot how noisy a city could be at night. Helicopters, sirens and traffic.

Wednesday p.m.

Went out to breakfast – found out the manager who was a friend of ours was fired for dipping into an assistant manager AND the till. Would never have thought it of him.
Then to a couple of grocery stores – real grocery stores – to get some stuff we have missed not having.
Then back to Jennie to just relax.
Called the guy who is supposed to fix the satellite but haven’t heard back from him yet.

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