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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hitting the Highway

Wednesday 11/10/10 Park City, KY

We are off and running –
Left home around 8:30 after completing packing etc.


So far I haven’t found anything we forgot. The first couple of miles of the trip were very noisy. All the acorns that were on top of Jennie were rolling around – sounded like we were in a pinball machine. Hopefully they are all gone now.
Stopped in Columbus for breakfast and to tell everyone we know there Goodbye – Then on to I-65 heading south. Freeway all the way to Park City, KY about 180 miles.
Crossed over the Ohio River into Kentucky at Louisville
 – very hazy out today – hard to take a good picture.
Louisville, KY
Saw the remains of one accident with a semi – not bad but boy was traffic backed up going north. Even here in KY the grass is all brown and the trees are mostly without leaves. Every once in awhile there will be a bright orange or red one proudly showing off its colors.
Some of these eastern roads drive me crazy – the ones with the seams every 20 or so feet. We sound like a train going down the road – clackity clackity clack.
I have to laugh – have seen this many times in many areas. On one side of the highway is an ADULT bookstore!?! And on the other a religious billboard. This one proclaimed “Thou shalt not commit adultery” It was a GREAT BIG billboard.

straight up it went
And we saw one other very strange thing in the sky. Made me think about what they saw in California the other day. This was also a con trail of some kind – but it went straight up in the air. It didn’t go across the sky. It was sure big and strange.
We are already in Central Time so we got here pretty early in the day. But that’s fine – not in a hurry.
We have both TV and Internet so all is well. I didn’t have any problems putting the coordinates in the satellite dish configuration (any way not after I tore the file up looking for the directions – found it PHEW.) Then had to switch the modem – that took a while – got so upset I had to turn the air conditioning on to cool me off. For some reason it kept wanting to lock the computer out – But I persisted and won. Glad I only have to do that once per trip.
Speaking of AC – I’m sitting here in shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt – quite a difference from home. Be nice if it stayed like this until we get to Mexico. Dreaming…..
Got a little very light weight clip on light for my Nook so now I can read in bed.
This campground – Diamond Caverns – is affiliated with 1000 Trails so it is only $16 a night so that’s a good deal. All utilities even 50amp if needed. Big pull-throughs too.

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  1. Glad you finally got on the road. Drive safe. Looking forward to following along on your trip to Mexico.

    We belong to TT and have never had to pay to camp. Don't understand why you would have to pay $16 for the night.