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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Still snowing in the Freezer

Refrigerator man showed up yesterday afternoon. Looked inside the freezer, scratched his head and said, “I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s like it is snowing in there. I thought you meant you had ice building up inside.” Well nope. Poked here prodded there – checked the gaskets, ice maker and little flap where the ice comes out. “The problem is air is getting in there somehow. That’s why it’s doing that. But the door closes fine. Maybe the ice container was pushed out and keeping the door open a little. Make sure it is pushed all the way in and that the flap on door where the ice comes out is completely closed. That’ll be $85.” And off he went. Well opened the freezer to check this a.m. and it is still snowing inside! Glad I didn’t cancel the appointment with the company the home warranty had us call. So maybe by next Monday between 8 – 5 we’ll know what is wrong. In the mean time we can have a snowball fight.

To keep Willie happy I’m posting a picture of his repaired graphics. See Willie we still love you.
And now sneaking in some pics of the truck – before and after ones. And he is still doing stuff to it. The front end - before and after

New grill, lights, guard and bug catcher.

Rhino lining on lower part of truck, bumpers, fender flares, chorme door handles and gas cover, new running board/step. 

Dash cover, steering wheel cover, floor mats, faux wood dash, and faux sheep skin seat covers. He's been a busy boy. And this is only part of it.
My quilt is finished and ready to be mailed. Did some machine embroidery of butterflies on it. Forgot how fun it was to do that. Maybe I'll do some Christmas stuff. Have pleanty of material.
By next week we are supposed to have some really cool weather – not going over high 60s during the day. Bill will have a fit.
Internet is popping on and off again this morning. Why don't we live somewhere where we can have DSL.......

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  1. Wow, he has practically remade the whole car! Looks great! Glad you did some quilting, I've been busy with mine and have a few projects going. Been getting some early fall weather, not looking forward to winter.