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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our last day in the U.S. until next year.

Yesterday morning we got up to no power – sometime during the night the parks 30amp plug shut down. And it was freezing in here – well not quite but almost. So now we only have the 20amp plug – so it’s a good thing it is cooler as the AC won’t run on 30amps. This park keeps changing owners and none of them have been able to do all the upgrades necessary. That’s too bad as we’ve been staying here for years.
We got out early to get things done. The firs of which was go across the freeway to the Cow Palace for breakfast. They too have new owners. Breakfast was delicious – Bill said he had the best Western Omelet he has ever had. I just had eggs, hash browns and toast but they were all cooked exactly the way I wanted them.
From there we headed south to Nogales to take care of business. First stop the Sanborn’s office we always go to get our Mexican liability insurance for both vehicles. Nuts, the office was closed. But a sign in the window sent us to their other office. Twenty minutes later we had our insurance. $375.00 – same as last year.
That done we went to change money. We do not have any Pesos left from last year and we’ll run into toll booths before we get to a town with an ATM. Went to a money exchange – we had checked the exchange rate before leaving home – it was 13.60 for a dollar. The office only gives 12.60 per dollar. But we had to change $50 just to get some pesos. Hopefully at the place where we do all the Mexican paperwork they’ll have an ATM. Check two things off our list.
Then we had to find a US post office to mail a package to our son in California. We had hope to see them in Vegas but that didn’t happen. We used the GPS to find the PO. Drove up hills down hills and through neighborhoods. Finally found it. When we got there I realized we should just have drove straight down the street we were originally on and made a right turn. Got to love the GPS. Thank goodness the PO had bubble wrap, boxes and tape – as we had none. Any way package is on its way. Check off list.
Then to Wal*Mart to pick up a few things. One thing being a 3-hole punch. Why a 3-hole punch? Tell you later. Also mundane things like Tums and groceries.
Then we got gasoline for the Jeep. The gas stations all had lines, most of the cars had Mexican license plates – no wonder. We paid $2.66 a gallon, in Mexico it is in US dollars per gallon $3.69 - over a dollar gallon difference. The time of cheaper gas and diesel in Mexico is long gone.
And wouldn’t you know for the first time in over a year someone bought a couple pieces of jewelry from my web site. So I had to get a hold of our house sitter, send her pictures of the two pieces bought and send her the address to mail them – in Australia – it is probably going to cost more to mail them then I made on them. Oh well. So when we got home I shut the web site down for the winter. Just forgot to do it before we left home.
Once home I also had to download a road log of Mexico. We have had this really handy Road Log for years and I love it. It shows where all the mean topes are – so we can slow down in time. Also lists all the toll booths and I’ve written in the costs for each one so we have an idea of how many pesos it will be. Though they go up every time we go through them. Also lists gas stations, inspection/check points etc.
When I started getting things out for the trip tomorrow I couldn’t find that notebook.; Looked everywhere – finally conceded I must have forgot to put it in the Alfa. Crap. So went to the web site and paid for a new one. Of course as soon as we bought the new one I remembered where I put the old one! Under the bed! – oh well, the new one has quite a few changes in it with the new roads and gas stations so that’s fine. I just printed it, poked the holes in it and transferred all my notes to it. Ready to go. 
So today – first out to breakfast, then maybe to Verizon or definitely call Verizon to see if I can put our data plan on hold for 90 days. Hate to pay for something we won’t be using.
Then watch the last NASCAR race of the season. Maybe do a load of laundry.
Tomorrow morning we’ll be leaving a first light as we have a long day in front of us. Border crossing, a drive of about 290 miles to San Carlos. No stop in Hermosilla this year as the RV park is closed.  The San Carlos RV park has pretty good WiFi so I should be able to post. We won’t be able to get our Mexican Internet stick until we find a place that sells them.

So next posting from Mexico – see you then. 


  1. Safe travels and anxiously awaiting your pictures and posts of another adventure South of the Border.!!!

  2. Wishing you safe travels.