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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bushes into Birds.

Another beautiful day here – but windy. The awning is flapping – might have to pull it in.Yep – Bill just brought it in. No sense taking a chance of it flying over the coach.
Yesterday we did NOTHING! Never left the RV park. But back to the day before when we went to Guaymas. This is the Home Depot – it has these beautiful paintings of flowers on the side of it.
And inside – just like one at home.
When we were in Wal*Mart I saw this stuffed animal and it reminded me of our youngest son. If you read about our trip to South America you know he brought his big stuffed dog Henry with him. Down there and back. This looks a lot like Henry and is about the same size. Do you still have him packed away somewhere Gil?
I was joking with Bill that we need to go somewhere and do something today so I can get some pictures and something to write about as I’ve been reduced to taking pictures of the plants in the RV park. And here they are. Got to love the gardeners – give them a full bush and they turn it into art. A couple of birds? Ducks?

And lollipops.
The manager was saying that this year when that big hurricane hit Baja and then turned this way a lot of this RV park got flooded and the salt water damaged several of the trees. They are hoping they will recover.
My electronic jinx is still going strong. Now the cell phone that I use will not respond to the touch screen! What is with this?! We still have the other cell phone so it’s no big deal but…The phone still works and we can read texts and answer it but cannot make it call when pushing on the call button.
Have a load of laundry in – if I do a small load every other day I can keep up with it.

Oh goody, Bill has his keys in his hand we’re going somewhere as soon as I post this. 
Hey, wait for me! Bye. 

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