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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Counts Kustomz and the High Roller Observation Wheel and the Linq Part 1

Today I might get two posts done - so check back later.
We had another interesting day in Vegas yesterday. Most of it unexpected. Got out and about early to go pick up the foam for our dinette seat cushion. At least today we had no trouble finding the place. Very, very happy with the service of Classy Windows.
They ordered the foam and Dacron covering and put it in the slip cover for us. $35. I’d priced the foam alone from a foam dealer and they wanted $65 just for the foam. We’d have to put on the Dacron and stuff it into the slipcover. So much more comfortable to sit on now.  I don’t have to sit on my feet anymore to reach the table.
Both times we drove into the complex where Classy Windows is located we were stopped at the driveway entrance and asked if we were going to Counts Kustomz. NO. So they just waved us on. I finally got curious – while Bill was waiting for the cushion I walked over and asked “What is Counts Kustomz?”  [check out the links] The young man told me. It is a place that customizes cars – it is on TV on the History Channel. You can go in and take a tour, it is free. So after loading the cushion in the jeep we went over to check things out. I’ve seen the show advertised but never watched it. Counting Cars is the name of it.  Check the link if you've never seen it. You bet I’ll watch it a couple of times now. 
 WOW! My kind of place. And I could take all the pictures I wanted – just can’t touch anything. There were cars, vans and motorcycles. One of the first things I saw 

OMG - can you imagine going down the street on it?
Then this neat Hot Wheels hot rod. 

It was really, really hard to decide which pictures to post. I still haven't stopped drooling. 
This was neat. Purple and white. I'd look good in that!
And my favorite – a candy apple Cad. Looking at it from the front.
The interior
And the amazing tail fins. Can I have it? Please.
Looks like it should belong to a mobster.
Another amazing motorcycle with horns.
Just some cars in the background. Like the aqua Chevy convertible. 
Bill had to drag me out of this place. And we never even knew it was here. Everytime I see stuff like that I think about what I could do to the Mustang. No! I never grew up! 
Heading back on the strip. I wonder about these characters – those costumes have to be hot. 
Wonder what he is doing standing in the corner by a planter with his back to everyone?  Nope not that - he was talking on the phone.
At least these aren't quite as hot to wear. 
I'm going to have to save the rest our visit to the new mall by the LINQ and the High Roller Observation Wheel until next blog. 
Part 2 was another fun surprise.  Never know what you'll find in Vegas. 

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