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Monday, November 24, 2014

We need to stop eating out!

Feel kind of guilty that I don’t have anything exciting to write about yesterday. Just more sunshine and warm weather. Lots of RVs are coming through the park on their way south. Seems like more than last year. With the price of fuel I’m surprised. But I guess the cold weather is kind of a motivator.
We went out to breakfast again to the El Mar – right on the beach but inside. And discovered Sunday was buffet day. And the restaurant was crowded. Buffet looked beautiful – lots and lots of fresh fruit. I didn’t take any pictures because there were just too many people around it.
After we got home we picked up our friends and went into Guaymas to Home Depot, Wal*Mart and Sam’s Club. Because their RV has been in storage over the summer they needed to resupply lots of things in it. First we went to Home Depot where she was looking for a kitchen sink plug/strainer/drain cover – not sure what they’re called but any way we couldn’t find one. Bill was also looking for a 12V light fixture for the Alfa – good luck with that.
Then to Wal*Mart for more odds and ends. Mostly food stuffs for them. I did get some red and yellow peppers for under US 50 cents each. Nice and crispy ones. Now we just have to eat a meal at home so I can use them. 
Then to Sam’s club to get salmon and they were out of it. Maybe next week. All the stores now are setting up with Christmas items. Mostly toys, beverages and foods. Lots and lots of toys!

Just read and visited during the warm afternoon then later on we all went to the Italian restaurant next door for dinner. 
My Nook is working fine again - so keeping my fingers crossed.
Before I forget - we got our first "royalties" from Amazon for the sale of our book. How exciting - all ten dollars and fifty cents of it. 
We haven't got anything from Barnes and Nobel yet - their policy is we get the money sixty days after the month the book was sold in... 
I need to start on some kind of project to keep me buys during the afternoons. I've got knitting, beads and cleaning reading. Or maybe do a jigsaw puzzle. We'll see. 

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