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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Night time in Vegas - trafffic and lights

Wrote this part yesterday -  Boy this time change is getting to me. I woke up EARLY – tried to go back to sleep but finally got up and discovered it was only 4:29! So went back to bed and tossed and turned for another hour. Gave up and got up 5:30. There is not much to do at the time of day. And it is cold in here. Didn’t want to turn the furnace on ‘cause that would wake Bill up. Same with the TV. This is when I miss the house. So sat down on my new seat cushion to write this. Didn’t do anything to write about Monday. Went out to breakfast and took care of some business then went to visit our son and daughter-in-law at their business for a while. Then home. It gets dark here before 5:00 makes the evening seem so loooonnngg. We did go out to dinner at the Boulder Station, just down the block from the campground. Pretty good meal in the café. Maybe my problem is that I’m going to bed earlier ‘cause there isn’t anything to do. Think tonight I’ll stay up to my usual bed time of midnight maybe that will help.
Now Wednesday morning. – had a very good nights sleep. Fell asleep about 11 and woke up after 8. Even Bill got up before me.
Last night we went out to dinner to Chili’s with youngest son and family. The first time I’ve ever remember being called Grandma – kind of startled me. The other grandkids live far enough away we don’t see them too much and they don’t use any name for us. If anything they use our first names. So 76 and Grandma – WOW. We were supposed to meet them at 6:00 at the restaurant at the 215 and Rainbow – clear across town from where we stay on Boulder Highway. So we left here at 5:05 and got there at 6:20. Forgot what traffic could be like in a city at rush hour. Our son even texted us – “Where are you?” Guess he wondered if we were lost. Trip of 16 miles! Us old country folk aren’t used to that kind of traffic any more.
Took a pictures of the High Roller – at night it changes colors as it goes around. Got it at blue and red – also turns purple and greenish. 

After dinner we took a drive down the strip on the way home. It was 5 degrees warmer on Las Vegas Blvd then the surrounding area. Guess all the lights heat it up.
We are now waiting for some mail from home, not sure when it will get here so might have to make arrangements to pay to stay here at 1000 Trails for a few days. We are supposed to leave Friday. This is another three NASCAR race weekend – can’t miss any of them.

Going out to lunch with a couple girl friends used to work with them in the LA School district now they live here. Always fun to see them once a year. 
Bill just came back from the front desk - we will be staying here till Wednesday. - one more week. 

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