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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In search of Cantimpalo

We did go to Guaymas yesterday morning. On the way in we passed a big industrial complex. Parked in front of the gates was this SUV. Two ladies had set up an umbrella and were ready to feed the workers come break or lunch time. 
We found a Goodyear Tire place for John to get a couple new tires for his truck so he can continue his journey to Aticama. That’s his blue truck up front.
We left John with his truck and headed towards home. On the way we stopped at  Ley’s Supermercado to pick up a few things. 
One of them being Cantimpalo.  Bill has been looking for it since we hit the south west. It is a Spanish chorizo that [quoting here] "has strong aromas of sweet smoke paprika as you taste it initially. You will also find a hint of garlic and acidity in the finishing flavors." He uses it for breakfast, cooked with onions, green peppers, and sometimes potato and or carrot slices. Very good. Guess what we had for breakfast this morning.  
An of course pastries – just one of the many counters with yummy things to eat.
And fresh fruit – note the worker cleaning the floor. The market is very very organized and clean. He got apples, tangerines and grapes and bananas. No strawberries though. 
Bill couldn’t resist the freshly made tortillas. The Maze [corn] tortillas at 80 cents a kilo are much cheaper than the flour tortillas at 1.60 US$ a kilo. They even sell whole wheat tortillas. The coleman coolers hold weighed and wrapped tortillas. Bill bought his just after they were made, still warm.
Then on to Sam’s Club for more pastries and to check on cameras. 
They had a Sony, not quite as good as my broken one but good enough and the most important part it takes the same battery. But didn’t buy it. Then next door to Wal*Mart. They had the same camera exactly for 100 pesos less than Sam’s Club – didn’t buy it because the only one they had was the display model. And they also had my exact camera but it was really expensive. Almost US$250. Don’t need it for that price. Probably will get the less expensive one when we get to Mazatlan, just so I have a back up. A big order of Christmas trees was being delivered as we were leaving. They sure smelled good – but wonder if they’ll last till Christmas…
We didn’t find the TelCel offices so will do that another day.
When we got back to the Alfa it was hot so we turned on the AC which worked fine until we also turned on the microwave – and POP no electricity. Bill went to the office and soon they sent someone to replace the very old and now burnt out connection with a new one. Now we have a brand new 30 amp receptacle and no power problems. . . So doing a load of laundry now before we need to use the AC.

A little before sunset we went out to dinner with our friends. Again to La Palapa on the beach. A perfect evening to eat outside. Good friends and good food. 
John pulled out this morning before we got up - he will overnight in Mazatlan then go on to Aticama. 

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