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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Linq Promenade and High Roller

I have to mention how good Bill is feeling. I’m almost afraid to leave Las Vegas, what if his allergies pop up again.  Talked to one of our friends at home – it is snowing there! And it is hot here with a hot wind. Well that changed overnight. Yesterday morning it was gray sky and cool wind and either it rained during the night or there was a lot of dew on the car. At closer look it is just lots of dirty dew. Stayed cool all day even after the sun came out. This morning looks nicer. Only went out to go to WalMart for groceries. I bought a cupcake pan and will have to return it - it is too big to fit in the oven! 
Yipee! Kyle won both the truck race Friday and the Nationwide race yesterday. Maybe he'll win the Cup race today too. Fingers crossed. 
But on to Fridays adventure.
I wanted to get a really close look at the High Roller Observation Wheel. By looking on line I found the way into it. Turn off Flamingo at Linq Dr. 
The LINQ is a new hotel, casino, and shopping area [parts of it still under construction] Heading down the street towards the Wheel.
See the size of the pod compared to the car .
Just a picture of the monorail passing by.
Not knowing where we were going we turned into a driveway that said Valet or Self Parking. Lots of construction and getting further and further away from the wheel. So we turned around and went back towards the street. Ah Ha – another parking area for the High Roller. Good right underneath it! So we Valet parked and got out to explore. Looking up at one of the pods. They each hold up to 40 people - standing up - no benches.
Went into the ticket center – Did I mention the prices $25 per person during the day, $35 at night. Ride lasts one half hour. Here is the first thing I read.
I think not for me. Though the time of day we were there - just before noon there were only about 10 people in each pod. 
A mural in the visitor center. Bright and colorful.
Back outside we discovered we were in a outdoor mall of sorts. The Linq Promenade. So we walked up it. A really neat place – except for the never ending music being piped throughout it. At full blast of course. Lots of Halloween decorations. Standing around and in the trees - neat. Looking towards Las Vegas Blvd.
The stores that were still vacant had great murals painted on the outer walls and windows. Looking west towards Las Vegas Blvd. the Brooklyn Bowling Alley.
Next to the Bowling Alley was a cup cake and ice cream place. Smelled good.
And a Ghirardelli store. Had to go in.
Just some of the candy! And I didn't buy any. And dark chocolate is sooooo good for you. 
The old O’Sheas  with it/s recognizable sign is now in the promenade instead of on Las Vegas Blvd.
Looking east. Several people just strolling around on a beautiful shorts and t-shirt day.
At the west end – Las Vegas Blvd – across the street from Caesars Palace. Also next to Jimmy Buffets Margaretville.
Just part of a menu from one of the cafes. I like the “free stuff” ketchup, mustard, relish etc. Aren’t they usually free?
The entrance to the Flamingo in the middle of the promenade.
Just one of the murals and some of the Halloween decorations
Just some more pictures of the murals and decorations and stuff I just liked. I really like the place - hope more stores open soon. If they'd just tone down the music a little. One of the many colorful murals 

 And another couple.
 An all blue shade one.
 Ghosts in all the trees.
 You can pay to hold him and have a picture taken.
 Just waiting around. 
All in all a fun time and fun discovery. 


  1. Thanks for all the great pictures. Makes us want to go to Vegas - haven't been in several years.


  2. Thanks for all the pictures of the High Roller. I think $25 is a little high, I might consider at $10. I think I read that another one is being built further out. Maybe there will be some competition and the ticket prices will come down. I'm intrigued by all of the half built hotels in Las Vegas. Especially the Harmon, where it was half finished when inspectors found the rebar was insufficient to support the weight of the tower. Originally it was to be 49 floors, then they stopped at 28, and now they are going to demolish it. A big loss for somebody.

  3. Not for me either! Yikes! Great pictures - thanks! Derek and I stayed three nights at the Flamingo our first time to Vegas in 2006 - our first and last time to the Strip.

  4. WE saw the Linq in March but I see more of the shops have opened.