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Friday, November 21, 2014

Quiet day in San Carlos, MX

It was cold here yesterday morning when we got up! Turned the heater on to take the chill off. But ended up a nice day, not as warm as the day before only in the high 70s. Cold in here this morning too.
We didn’t do too much yesterday. Another load of laundry – housework never ends even when traveling. Bill fixed breakfast using his cantimpalo with green peppers, potatoes, carrots and eggs. We sat outside in the sun to eat.
I walked around the campground and took some pictures of the flowers for all of our snowed in friends back home. The only flower on this bush.
This bush was covered with yellow flowers and bees busy at work.
The next yellow bush was covered with butterflies. Maybe they stake out their territory.
And of course a bougainvillea – nothing was flying into its flowers. 
Then I got sidetracked and stopped to talk to some friends until Bill came looking for me. From there we took a ride around the town. This curio/gift shop is right in front of the campground. That is a restaurant on the top floor.
Just a picture of some cactus and the jagged mountains around here. It is a really pretty place with the vegetation, rugged mountains and the blue blue gulf waters. Very peaceful.
Stopped at one of the smaller chain supermarkets on the way home. This is for our son – the one who loved Coco Puffs when he was a kid. That’s what these are – only the store brand US $1.29 a box. 
Lots of choices in canned foods. S & W brands and some Del Monte.
And of course every kind of dried bean imaginable.
To lazy to do anything constructive just whiled away the afternoon reading and playing on the computer.
In the evening we went out to dinner with friends.

Nothing really planned for today either – more laundry and waiting for more friends to show up. They have a home in Belize and should be here sometime today. They stored their motorhome here over the summer.  

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