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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day in Quartzsite, AZ

So glad we are in the southwest. At home, Indiana, the high for the next week will be 38! Lows in the mid to low 20s.
Quartzsite sign. 
Why the camel? In 1856 there was a camel corps here. An experiment for their use in the desert. But the experiment didn’t work and the camels were set free to fend for themselves in the area. They eventually all disappeared.
This time of year there isn’t too much going on in Quartzsite. Only a few RVs here and very few vendors. Come January and February there will be in the hundreds of thousands  of people here. This gas station and motel have seen better times. Was called The Camel Stop.
One of the warehouse type stores. Just about everything and anything for sale.
Now this is my kind of store.
The wooden Indian out front.
Lots of beads and semi precious gem stones for sale. But I don’t need anything. Just interesting to look around. Another store we had to go in.
Bill checking out the merchandise. You really have to look to find the hidden treasures.
I like this sign – but the store was closed.
This morning we went out to breakfast with a friend from the women’s RV forum that I belong too. She spends the winter boondocking [camping without hookups] in the desert in her fifth wheel.
Tomorrow morning we’ll leave here and head further south to Amado – a small town about 25 miles north of the border. We stay there every year when coming and going through Nogales. Probably next week sometime we’ll cross into Mexico

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