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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Beautiful Scenery

Our days here at San Carlos are drawing closer to an end. Then we’ll be moving on down south to Mazatlan where many friends are wondering when we’ll get there. Soon, soon.
Yesterday was very windy all day. Nice and warm but windy. Glad we weren't driving. 
We took a drive up to a couple of the really nice view points. This first is a housing development that we first looked at several years ago. The lots are very expensive. – Probably too expensive as there don’t seem to be many houses going up there. On the way out to it we pass through this beautiful desert area – such blue sky too.
Then we come to the Sea of Cortez. I wish the picture could really capture the shimmering of the sun on the water. But this will have to do.
There are two houses behind us built on the side of the mountain and these two nearer the beach. The furthest one has been completed since last year. The round paved areas are roads leading to the lots. The house on the bottom has its own beach.
Looking behind us at lots up the mountain. The mountain in the back ground is the one you see in all my sunset pictures. San Carlos famous landmark. 
From there we went up to El Mirador –spectacular view of desert, mountain and water.
Looking down toward the beach – someone loves someone!
And from there we went into the city of Guaymas again. Bill wanted more Cantimpalo so we went the Ley’s supermarket. Then on to Sam’s club because our friends with us had never been to a Sam’s Club. And we found a bunch of stuff that wasn’t there the other day. Bill got prosciutto, we got some Spanish saffron, and some mushroom/roasted pepper mix in jars. Yum. And a couple of other things that we didn’t need but looked good. And some Orange Chicken all ready to heat and eat.
And last night six of us went out to dinner at El Mar – again good time, good friends and good food. What more could we ask for.
So far no plans for today as we are having someone check out the blisters on the outside cabinet doors to see if he can fix them so they don’t come back.

Lots and lots of RVs coming through here to spend the night before heading further south. Just last night there were eight or nine of them. 


  1. My husband sent the link to your blog. When I saw the title, "Life in Brown Country", I thought it would be about Brown County Indiana because my mother's family is from Brown Co & Indpls. When I clicked the link and saw you travel in an RV, I knew the real reason is because he and I have been talking about buying an RV for 2 years. We just haven't pulled the trigger. I'm also not retired so that does enter into it.

    Our sons purchased a 25 yr old, 26' Tioga for $2500 this year. The engine had 41,000 miles & the mechanic said it was in good shape. The interior was a wreck so they spent a month re-habbing it down to the studs. They left 11/07 to travel around the U.S. & decide where they want to settle. Pretty cool as they are only 26 & 27.

    I will follow your blog with interest. As a native Southern Californian, I love Mexico. We had thought to retire there until the drug wars, border problems, etc disrupted everything. Even my closest friends in San Diego will no longer cross the border. But perhaps your stories will encourage me? Anyway, good to find you.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Glad you found us. During the summer we live in Brown County and write about being there - during the winter we travel in the Rv in warmer climates - usually Mexico. We love it down here and the people are wonderful. We've never had any problems here. But we do not hang around any of the border towns.
      Good for your sons - hope they really enjoy their travels. We've had an Rv of some sort since 1971.