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Friday, November 7, 2014

Downtown Container Park Las Vegas

Our last adventure yesterday, Thursday, was a visit to a new outdoor mall. The Downtown Container Park. It is right on Fremont at the east end. The entire mall, about ½ block big is made of cargo containers stacked vertical and horizontally one on the other. Interesting.  We parked on the street where our first challenge was figuring out how to pay the meter. There is one meter for several spaces. $1 per hour. Actually it isn’t hard to figure out but when we were there the sun was shining right on the screen with the directions. Took a while to get the right amount of shadow on it to be able to read it.
Then we walked around to the front. The first thing I saw was the heart shaped sculpture. 
On closer inspection it saw it was made of many, many small metal heart padlocked to the mesh of the large heart. Most of the small hearts had messages inked on them.
Then in front of the entrance is a BIG praying mantis. 
Unfortunately the sun was in the wrong place to get a really good picture. Some information about the bug.  Was surprised to find out it was drivable.
One of the containers. Most were occupied by small businesses. Shops, restaurants, etc. Shade was provided by canvas sails overhead.
Another container on end.
Stacked three high.
In the center area was a playground with a great tree house and this big slide.
We didn’t eat but the BBQ smelled delicious. Lots of tables and chairs sitting around the place.
A small bar - love the sign. “Every loaf of bread is a tragic story of grains that could’ve become whiskey. But didn’t.”
Another picture of some of the shops. 
A pretty interesting place but we were there early in the day so it was pretty quiet and some of the shops weren’t open.  Again very loud music was being piped into the area. Sorry but for these old fogies – after a couple of minutes it stops being music and becomes annoying noise.  Worth a visit if you’re near downtown.

From there we went to see our son and pick up our mail. A picture of father and son. 


  1. We were there last visit but it was at night. Great photos! Bill looks good.

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