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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Imagine that It's Raining in Indiana

Woke up to thunder and lightening and pouring rain AGAIN. Supposed to clear up a little during the day then another storm is moving in tonight. 
Glad Bill insisted we partially load the Alfa yesterday. We'll finish loading it and take it to the RV park sometime Saturday and actually move into it after the movers leave - Sunday? Monday? Tuesday?...no for sure date yet. 
Talked to our realtor today, reduced the price on the house and she is going to have another Open House over the 4th. She is really working hard to sell it. 
This morning between rain drops we went to our local restaurant for breakfast, then to the bank as we realized my bank cards would be expiring just after we leave here. Oh, oh. So that is taken care of and had to stop at the small jeweler in town to get a battery for my watch. Didn't realize how many times I looked at my watch until it quit telling time. 
I just hope that when it is time to get on the road the weather is better than it has been. Seems like all the roads west are having some kind of miserable weather. 

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