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Friday, June 5, 2015

Bought some Moonshine

Yesterday was a very nice day here in Brown County. So we quit packing for a while and went to Brownie's for breakfast/lunch then down into town and to the new Distillery just outside of town. It is the first legal still in Brown County and makes Hidden Holler Moonshine. The moonshine is like the old whiskey that was made in southern Indiana illegally since the 1700s. All Indiana ingredients are used to make it. The name of it is Bear Wallow, Hidden Holler Distillery.Just over Bill's shoulder you can make out the head of the owner. She gave us a nice welcome and told us to go inside and look around. 
Just inside at the counter. They weren't "cookin" but there was the distinctive smell of whiskey in the air. 
A very nice lady inside told us what we were looking at and explained the process of making moonshine and whiskey. The first round tank is the cooker. These tanks are in another room behind a big glass wall.
This is where the fermentation takes place. . 
And last but not least is the copper still! 
The names of the products they sell. They have moonshine, corn whiskey, rye whiskey - aged and not aged and bourbon.
Telling us all about them. We could have tasted some but didn't want to. The moonshine is on the right, next the unaged rye whiskey, then the aged rye whiskey, then the whiskey unaged and finally the bourbon. 
They aren't cheap - anyway I don't think so. A little bottle of moonshine was $16.99 - and no I'm not going to open it. Not yet anyway. Maybe after we get settled in Vegas. 
Of course there are lots of thing besides moonshine and whiskey for sale. Like this Poor Man's Bourbon Kit.
Their wall of fame - some of the write ups about them and some of the package deals with other vendors in town. One deal was with the operators of the ZipLine. I might need the whiskey first to do that. 
More stuff for sale.
A tour offered when they are "cookin" We got our information for free. 
Morel mushroom trinkets - another product of the town. 
And maple syrup. In the spring there is a maple syrup festival here in the hills. We missed it cause we were still on the road. 
Here is a link to their web site. It is pretty interesting. Because of state law they are not allowed to sell any whiskey on Sunday. Here is a really interesting article about the hoops they had to jump through to open the distillery in this state. And what they plan for the future here in Indiana. 
Today we packed more and more things. But pretty much have to stop for a while - at least until after the Open House Sunday. We are starting to look kind of bare. Also what is still unpacked is what we use daily. Like kitchen stuff and clothes. 
This has been a long day. Bill got up at 4:30 - I woke up then and couldn't get really back to sleep. So I got up at 6:30. Did laundry and some cleaning and packing. They watched NASCAR - and plan on watching the truck race tonight - it doesn't start until after 9:00. 
Bill got his new computer delivered today. It is running Windows 7 - so he is busy installing all his old programs on it. Sure hope they all work. 

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