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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Muggly day and not so good open house.

Bill is out in the garage trying to figure out how to pack our big set of hand painted Mexican dinner ware. Besides very carefully. I thought we'd agreed on "no packing today" but guess I misunderstood what no means. Makes me feel guilty - like I should go get a box and start putting things in it - NOT.
Day started out great - cool and not real humid. Lots of sunshine. So we went out to Sunday breakfast then came home to get ready for the Open House. Straightened up, put things away,  dusted, vacuumed, turned on lights, opened blinds and soon it was 1:00. Wow a couple was at the door at 1:05. Hum...an older couple - about our age - looking at this big three story house??? I have a feeling that is how they spend their Sundays. And that was all folks. NO ONE ELSE came. 
So I watched the NASCAR race - so glad Truex Jr won - he really deserved to win. Kyle came in 9th and moved up one position in points. 
Right now it is so humid and warm I am glowing just sitting here at the computer. MUGGLY weather. Supposed to get heavy rain sometime tonight or tomorrow. At least the beans and corn will be happy. 
Bill seems to be on a mission with the packing, soon we'll be eating take out on paper plates if I let him have his way. I guess I shouldn't have a problem with that. 
I heard this quote the other day and thought it made good sense. 
"On the plains of hesitation lie the bleached bones who when within the grasp of victory sat and waited, and waiting, died."

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