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Friday, June 19, 2015

Beyond Muggly into down right WET

AND EVEN MORE RAIN! Our neighbor posted that his rain gauge shows we’ve had over 5 inches of rain the last few days. And that is only the beginning. Today it is supposed to rain ALL DAY and then by tomorrow the end of Tropical Storm Bill should be in this area so we’ll get MORE RAIN - maybe severe weather. So do I mind leaving Indiana for the southwest? You’d think not but I know I’ll miss the GREEN - all the flowers and trees and deer. But I won’t miss the HUMIDITY - been 90% the last three or four days with more of that the whole coming week. And the temperatures will be up in the 90s with the lovely “feels like” 100! Thank goodness we live on top of the hill. Lots of flooded fields and roads around us.
We are about done with what we can do until it is time to move all of our daily use stuff into the Alfa. Thank goodness today there is NASCAR and Copa America on TV. I’ve been going through old paperwork and shredding it - in fact broke the shredder - luckily we had found a brand new one we’d bought sometime - it was in the “sell” pile. Now I’m using it. I found stuff from 2007 that I didn’t need to keep then and sure don’t need to now.
Been calling and cancelling services and saying good bye to the really nice people who provide them. One thing about a small town you know the people who do things for you. Finally got an appointment for Bill to see his cardiologist before we leave - but not until July 6th. So guess we’ll be living in a campground in the Alfa for a couple of weeks. [a couple of HOT and wet weeks] The movers are supposed to be here on June 28th [a Sunday?] So by then we have to have the Alfa loaded and ready to move into. We’ve made reservations at a local campground for two weeks and/or maybe longer. The same company is supposed to pick up my car, the Mustang, and take it to Las Vegas. It will be dropped off with our son there. All our “stuff” will be held in storage until we get to Vegas and get our new home ready for it…and when will that be you ask? Who knows I reply!
The company doing the Estate Sale will be here the day after the movers to take pictures and get info for the sale. It will take place over the weekend of July 10, 11 and 12. Don’t know if we’ll stay here for that or not.
The last few days have been really hard on Bill. He absolutely cannot breathe comfortably. Sometimes it is so bad he has trouble talking or eating and breathing at the same time. So we have no choice but to Get Out of Here. IF I can convince him to stay in the house with all the doors and windows closed and the AC running he feels somewhat better physically but mentally and emotionally he gets worse. He says he feels “useless.” So he wanders around in here looking for things to do - I’m afraid if I sit still too long I’ll be in a box ready for shipping.
About the house. No, we have not sold it. We are having a meeting with the Realtor next week. We will leave it in her hands. Going to reduce the price and hope that generates some interest. Bill just cannot stay here any longer then necessary.

Some days I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders - other days - like I’m stuck in quick sand. Sure will be glad when we can sit down in our new home and put our feet up and start a new segment of our life. (If we don’t do bodily harm to each other first. Wonder how I’d look in an orange jumpsuit?)
Ugh it is thundering out now. 


  1. Orange should suit you!! Yup, you need to get out of there. So much rain! Finally we seem to have a week without it and it actually is starting to warm up.

  2. I should be packing up and moving, but I can't get motivated. Time to get rid of stuff, especially old papers and mementos. Reading about how much you have been able to do, makes me realize I can do it if I only get started.

    1. It is the "getting started" that is hard. Can't believe all the old paperwork I had in boxes we brought from CA in 2002!

  3. I get it now, I assumed you would stay until you sold the house as most home sell easier furnished. I think it would be difficult for you to be there for the estate sale, sad to see your things leave. Hang in there, it can't rain forever, can it?

    1. I do believe that in Indiana it could rain forever. Although today it is supposed to stop in the afternoon - but just until the remnants of Bill get here over night. The forecast is for 90s and rain of some sort all week.