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Monday, June 29, 2015

2nd post today - and the fun just keeps rolling on

OMG!!! The movers got lost – told them not to follow the GPS. They ended up in the forest on a gravel road way out of the way. So they weren’t happy when they got here about 3:15 – they came from Cincinnati. Then their list didn’t match our list of stuff to be picked up. So of course the price went way up. And wouldn’t you know it all the information Bill had from the company’s e-mail was already in the Alfa – our fault – I can buy new ones for that amount. Good Grief Charlie Brown! So back and forth with movers, company etc. Finally at 5:00 they are starting to load. And silly me I’d hoped they’d be done by 6:00 so I could watch a NASCAR program on TV. Ha – so guess I’ll have to stay up till 2:00 a.m. to watch the rerun! Who knows maybe we’ll just be getting to the Alfa then.
Just got a call from the Estate Sale representative confirming that the movers had picked up everything – “well kind of” as he wants to come tomorrow to take pictures of the stuff for his web site. So we’ll meet him here about noon.
Luckily the rain is holding off – more or less – it sprinkles a few minutes then stops, but it supposed to really start up in an hour or so. Hurry, hurry, hurry…
Am I stressed? Kind of – for the first time in a long, long, time I wanted a cup of coffee this late in the day. So glad I had put some in a thermos and actually left it here with a cup. So staying out of the way and enjoying the coffee. When they finally leave we have to unload the refrigerator [everything is already in bags] put it in the car and go to the Alfa – where we have to put everything away.
Lovely new world – when we asked about getting copies of everything the mover looked at us funny – and said “just take a picture of it with your phone.” Okay so we’re old folks, never thought of that.
I AM NEVER GOING TO MOVE AGAIN! And today is a very humid day so Bill is not a happy breather. Why couldn’t today be like yesterday’s weather?

I am going through all kinds of emotions the last few days. Happy, depressed, excited, fearful. Full of energy and then suddenly bone tired. Neither of us are sleeping well – I stay up very late and he gets up around 4:30 – will be so glad when this is over. 

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  1. What a nightmare, but just focus on the fact that soon you will be settled in Vegas Sorry yo0 missed the game